Sep 29

Exmortus checked in with The Age Of Metal



California’s new combers Exmortus are currently on tour supporting Arsis on their A Decade Of Guilt tour. An strange but exotic appetizer for the horde of tech death metal fans that have been supporting this tour. At first hand is interesting to see how Exmortus warms the crowd, as the concert goers don’t know if open up the mosh pit? or just headbang with the arms crossed? Then all of the sudden there is a spark that ignite the mosh pit spirit, and the middle of the venue becomes a heavy metal dance floor.

Exmortus, has been working their ass off this year, and they have been in more than 4 tours non stop since January, battling van problems, and the technical issues of the road, for sure this California quartet has been promoting their new album Slave To The Sword, released at the beginning of the year. Their talent took them to be part of the latest video commercial for Virgin Mobile’s new Samsung S5, who said that smartphones are not metal. For now and till the end of the year this young metallers will be on the road playing for the die hard fans of good old school heavy metal.

We caugh up with Conan & Mario last week during their stop here in Mesa, AZ. We talked about their experience shooting a tv commercial, their tour with Arsis, and what lies ahead for them.


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