Jun 05

Evile – Skull (2013)



This year, thrash titans Evile releases their newest album Skull. With this eerie masterpiece Evile continues to enlighten us with a sound from the old thrash days. They combine spooky imagery with the raw thrash sound, very similar to bands such as Possessed. Evile is by far one of the most singular bands that emerged from the thrash genre as of recently. Old school thrash fans will take delight in this album, as it refers greatly back to classic thrash bands such as Slayer. With this new release, Evile will continue to triumph the current thrash community and will take no prisoners.

Each track off of this album is fast, intense, and hits you hard. One of the elements I love about this band is their use of melody in their songwriting. The powerful chorus on their self titled track is an example of this as it conflicts with the harsh verses. This band has extremely enduring riffs, and that’s exhibited with tracks such as The Naked Sun. One of my favorite songs off of this album is Head of the Demon. The sinister lyricism as well as the catchy yet annihilating musicianship holds you as hard as a headlock.

I’ve always respected thrash, but I had an issue with the repetition used. The identifying qualities that thrash is coined with are simple, and doesn’t give bands leeway to discover and improve their sound. Evile breaks those barriers. With the combination of multiple old-school influences, they have embodied the classic thrash image while pertaining to our current day music scene. Any metal fan can identify the agility in their playing from bands like Slayer, as well as the harsh yet almost sung vocals that was distinct in bands like Metallica. Several bands tried to obtain this style, but Evile is the band who remains distinct among the other thrash acts.

I was extremely pleased with this release from Evile. This album shows that Evile is sticking to their thrash roots and have no desire to refrain from it. I just can’t wait to see these songs played live. Hopefully, after partying it up during the plethora of European festivals, these guys will make it out to the States. Other Evile fans will surely be as ecstatic as I am: about this new album and anticipating a live show. Overall, Evile once again wrote a vigorous album where they proved they truly can dominate the UK thrash scene.



1. Underworld
2. Skull
3. The Naked Sun
4. Head of the Demon
5. Tomb
6. Words of the Dead
7. Outsider
8. What You Become
9. New Truths Old Lies

Genre: Thrash Metal

Record Label: Earache Records

Playing Time: 47 Minutes


Matt Drake – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Ol Drake – Lead Guitar
Ben Carter – DrumsJoel Graham – Bass



[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt-0OOWH9Uo&w=560&h=315]

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