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Erik Danielsson of Watain talked to us about the US tour & The Wild Hunt



The ceremony, the ritual, the show was perfect as Watain‘s music invaded Joe’s Grotto here in Phoenix, AZ on Sunday October 27th 2013. Unfortunately to our date the stage was not covered on blood or had animal carcasses as part of what typically is a Watain show. Nevertheless their show was amazing from beginning to end.

The evening opened around 8 pm with Tributation band that we sadly missed as we were talking backstage with Erik of Watain. The second band to take the stage was In Solitude, their show was in a way different to Watain’s as they approach their music from a heavy metal angle, with a lot of clean vocals and a lot more melodic songs. Their set was balanced as they played SisterA Buried Sun, and Lavender out of the new album Sister that was released almost a month ago. They also played well-known material like; Demons, To Her Darkness, & Witches Sabbath.

Watain finally took the stage around 10:30 pm and from the beginning the crowd went nuts as they played a really heavy and mixed out set including songs like Night Vision and De Profundis to The Wild Hunt, All That May Bleed, and Outlaw from their new album The Wild Hunt. I must say that the new songs sounded great live as they transmitted all the Watain‘s energy, and that sense of darkness and desolation that you can listen on their new album. That also was reinforced with some of their known songs like Stellarvore, On Horns Impaled, The Serpents Chalice, The Devil’s Blood or Satan’s Hunger.

Overall it was an amazing show, that even without the full stage gear that the band regularly uses, you were able to smell the essence of rotting flesh coming out of their stage clothes, so it was some part of that magic still on stage with them.
Previous to their show we had the chance to speak with Erik Danielsson vocalist of Watain about the tour, their show, the wild hunt and much more.

Here are some pictures of In Solitude and Watain taken that night at Joe’s Grotto.


Interview with Erik of Watain by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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