Jun 17

Erik Danielsson of Watain talked about The Wild Hunt with The Age Of Metal



How do you host a listening party for a dark and extreme black metal band from Sweden like Watain in a place like sunny California? Well. First you throw a party at the record’s label parking lot with bands playing live, signing sessions with the vocalist the of the band, other bands invited to the party, food, and discounted merchandise. Then you light up some black candles, make the lobby as dark as possible, turn up the volume of the stereo as loud as possible, and let the black metal flow.

That was how the listening party for The Wild Hunt, the upcoming album of Watain when down last Saturday at the Century Media offices in Hawthorne, CA. The album is heavy, explosive, and vulgar, in other words is fan-fucking-tastic. New and old fans of the band better get ready for the return of a darker, and more brutal Watain.

The Age Of Metal had the privilege to speak with Erik Danielsson, vocalist of Watain after the listening party. We talked about what The Wild Hunt represents for Watain, the process to create this album, the influences and changes since their previous release Lawless Darkness, and much more.

The Wild Hunt will be released on August 19th in Europe and August 20th in North America by His Master’s Noise, via Century Media Records.


Interview with Erik Danielsson of Watain by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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