May 01

Erik Danielsson of Watain speaks with The Age of Metal.


On the 26th of April, Arizonan fans had the honour of having the Decibel Magazine tour featuring Behemoth, Watain, The Devil’s Blood, and In Solitude. Playing at the Nile Theater is always a fun treat being centrally located in downtown Mesa, Arizona. One band of great interest in the lineup would have to be Watain. Having seen Watain once before at the now defunct Clubhouse about a year ago, I knew what to expect. However this was a much bigger stage and a much bigger crowd. The first thing I notice are the props: tall poles with skulls adorned with many candles and lit torches in the front. When one sees this they will automatically think they witnessing a satanic ritual being performed. Watain themselves look menacing as they come out into the stage and this coupled with the lighting essentially being only from the lit candles gives people truly a black metal experience.

At Nile Theater, we had the chance to speak to Erik of Watain while they were here for the Decibel Magazine tour. We talked about the tour and their experiences, their current album Lawless Darkness and how they record, their beginnings in the band and their viewpoints of the current black metal scene and more specifically US black metal. check out our interview below.

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