Jul 18

Entrails talked to The Age of Metal at Hellfest 2016



Out of all of the bands who played at Hellfest, Entrails is one of the ones who conquered. I would even argue they were the most brutal band in the whole festival. With a ruthless set that includes plenty of headbanging and moshing, these Swedish death metal titans made a lot of extreme metal fans happy. Especially as early as 12:50, they attracted a crowd as large as Sweden’s influence in extreme metal. Entrails is one of the few bands who have increased their chokehold on death metal with every new album.

Entrails stood out to me for many reasons. First off, they were one of the bands I was most excited to see; they never make it out to America, and I was excited to see them live. I’m not a morning person, but these guys got me raging. I was headbanging so hard to where my wet hair was dried by the time they finished performing. They played some of my favorite songs such as “Eaten by the Dead” perfectly, to where it sounds better than it does on the album. Overall, very few bands had a powerful set like Entrails did.

Swedish metal still reigns today, and Entrails is especially triumphant. From the early 90’s, Entrails has made their stakehold not only for Swedish death metal but also on the world of extreme metal. They appeal to both the old school and the new fans, and there was definitely both in their crowd at Hellfest. While I wish Hellfest had more death metal bands, Entrails alone was enough to satisfy my brutal desire. So whether it’s recording albums or playing festivals, Entrails will continue to obliterate the world

The Age of Metal was able to speak to Entrails while at Hellfest 2016. In the interview, we discussed their Hellfest performance, their constant songwriting, and what they have to say about playing European festivals.



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