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Enforcer/Warbringer/Exmortus/Cauldron at Club Red (Mesa, AZ 02/05/16)



On Friday February 5 Enforcer, Warbringer, Exmortus, and Cauldron played at Club Red in Mesa. I was so excited to see this show since it was announced almost a year ago.

The first band up from the tour package was Cauldron. I got to see them a couple years ago on their last American tour and had been dying to see them again. They played mostly fan favorites like Nitebreaker, All or Nothing, and Queen of Fire. I was also very happy to hear the song Empress since its now one of my favorites and I’ve had it stuck I’m my head since their new record In Ruin was released. I really enjoyed their set and wish they could have played longer.


Next up was Exmortus. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a couple years now and they are one of my favorite bands to watch live. They definitely have a strong fan base in Phoenix. As soon as they started playing everyone crowded in and started headbanging and moshing. They played songs from Slave to the Sword and their new record Ride Forth including For the Horde, Immortality Made Flesh, Moonlight Sonata, Hymn of Hate, and Foe Hammer. The last song they played was Metal is King when Conan and David did a crazy 69 type thing and played each others guitars.


After Exmortus was Warbringer. On this tour Conan (Exmortus) has been filling in on guitar and Jesse Sanchez (Bonded By Blood, Others, Fear Factory) has been playing bass. I haven’t listened to their music much but they play some excellent thrash and put on a great show. Everyone was really into the music and had a mosh pit going. They started their set with Total War and went on to play Severed Reality, Hunter Seeker, and Combat Shock among many others. After seeing them play I’m definitely an even bigger fan now.


Last up for the night was Enforcer from Sweden. I have been listening to them for a while and was very excited to get to watch them live. They played with such energy and enthusiasm and energy that it was a pleasure to photograph and watch them. The crowd really loved them and there were fans even singing along. A couple of the songs included in their set included Destroyer, Scream of the Savage, Katana, Take Me Out of This Nightmare.


While each band has their unique sound and play different types of metal, they go together so well. This was definitely one of my favorite tours and all the bands did an amazing job. It is absolutely a show you should see if you have the chance or check out the bands on other tours.

Pictures: Enforcer, Warbringer, Exmortus, Cauldron



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