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Enforcer – Death By Fire (2013)



For all you 80’s heavy metal fans out there who thought there aren’t any bands who can sound vintage and original brace yourself because bands like that do exist.  A perfect example is Enforcer, they are killer heavy metal band that is young and full of energy (Olof Wikstrand -(Vocals/Guitars), Jonas Wikstrand – (Drums), Joseph Tholl – (Guitars), Tobias Lindkvist – (Bass).  

All the way from Sweden the Enforcer has been around since 2004.  Their first album was “Into the Night,” and then “Diamonds” (2009) since then the band has played festivals in Europe and have created a great following.   “Death By Fire” is their newest 3rd studio album, the name not only sounds badass but “the album title refers to the most horrific ways to die.”  Lots of thought behind the recording process was put into the record because they wanted to keep it under 40 minutes to stay true to the length time a Vinly Record would allow to record.  Talk about commitment that is impressive.  Get ready to close your eyes and flash back into the 80’s one of the greatest decades for metal.

“Death Rides This Night” is the first real track on the album and immediately captivates you.  You can hear so many influences within their style and sound.  The guitar rifts on the this track are truly fierce and Olof Wikstrand voice is really impressive.    “Run For Your Life” is again another song that just totally shreds.  It has great crisp recording and the vocals have an edgy rough sound to them and when Olof Wikstrand hits those high notes it makes you get goose bumps.  Everyone who loves heavy metal knows the higher the screams the better!  The fourth track on the album is “Mesmerized By Fire” and so far going through each track each one is better than the last.  Lots of vocal ranges, great guitar skill and up beat drums.

“Take Me Out Of This Nightmare” changes things up a bit with a much more grim sounding intro accompanied by high-pitched screams.  This song is pure gold and you’ll keep singing the chorus even when the song is done.  Its just one of those things that will get stuck in your head.  Crystal Suite is an all instrumental song on the album that really lets you appreciate Jonas Wikstrand – (Drums), Joseph Tholl – (Guitars), Tobias Lindkvist – (Bass).  “Sacrificed”   & Silent Hour / The Conjugation are two other great songs off the album.  Now finally the last and final song with the greatest name that could be possibly given to a heavy metal song “Satan.”  Its a pretty awesome song that has a lot of speed and aggression and of course repeating the word Satan makes it even cooler.  Classic heavy metal can’t get any better than this.

As an 80’s fan or even a fan of any kind of style of metal you’ll see how stellar this album is.  Enforcer is a great band if you have heard of them or haven’t they will impress you. “Death By Fire One” of the best heavy metal albums I’ve heard in a while. With song titles like “Take me out of this Nightmare,” “Sacraficed” & “Satan” how could you go wrong this album is truly badass.


1. Bells Of Hades

2. Death Rides This Night

3. Run For Your Life

4. Mesmerized By Fire

5. Take Me Out Of This Nightmare

6. Crystal Suite

7. Sacrificed

8. Silent Hour / The Conjugation

9. Satan


Genre: Heavy Metal

Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Playing Time: 35:53 minutes


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