Dec 14

El’s Top 10 albums of 2013



Chris El (Incite/Autumn’s End)

Greeetings, I’m El bassist/vocalist for Incite & Autumn’s End. In my downtime you can find me tattooing away at Mastodon Piercing & Custom Tattoo. This year was super busy, but I did manage to catch some pretty rad releases. These are my picks…Don’t judge me!

Soulfly - Savages - Artwork
10. Soulfly Savages

I would be remiss if I left off my tour mates. Max & Co. offer up another unique Metal slab. Sticking to his roots, but always putting his spin on things, Max continues to experiment with genres, instrumentation, & as always, having cool guest appearances (Neil Fallon & Mitch Harris). Savages has all of that. Zyon Cavalera is handling the drum duties this time around & he definitely brings back the old school Soulfly/Sepultura vibe. I guess it just runs in the family.


9. Portal – Vexvoid

Not for the faint of heart! Imagine being possessed by the devil & the exorcism isn’t working or being trapped in your worst possible nightmare that you can’t wake up from… This would be the soundtrack! HOLY FUCKING BRUTAL!


8. WatainThe Hunt

This was the album I was waiting all year for! Unfortunately, it fell short of my expectations. Dare I speculate that they caved to “label pressure?” My own fault as I was expecting Lawless Darkness pt.II I guess. As I gave it a few more listens it definitely grew on me. Live they still bring it & the new tracks they played carried over well. A few ‘clunkers’ aside it’s a good effort & still better than most of their contemporaries.



7. Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats Mind Control

I got turned on to these guys by a co-worker who coincidentally does artwork for them. What a fun band!! England’s answer to the influx of Stoner/ Doom bands from Scandinavia. Tracks like “Mind Crawler” make for killer road jams or late night, underwear boogie sessions. Pick up their first record Bloodlust while your at it. Party!



6. Church of MiseryThy Kingdom Scum

The Beasts of the Far East have that magical “something” that make you wanna smoke weed, drink whiskey, & make out with hot metal babes. Another crushing dose of psychedelic, Stoner-Doom. Well done gents…well done.


5. TOAD ( Take Over And Destroy) Endless Night

My mates from Phoenix making a big noise in the underground. TOAD mix equal parts Black Metal, Thrash, Doom, & a pinch of LaVey-esque carnie music to create a sonic witches brew. Live they are a juggernaut. Get into this band now so you can act kvlt & hate on them when they blow up. They’re the real deal!


4. KylesaUltraviolet

This band is always hit or miss for me. They knocked it outta the park on this one. Huge leaps in songwriting. Still heavy, ambient, & angry, but hooky as hell! I couldn’t get “Vulture’s Landing” outta my head for days.



3. Corrections House – Last City Zero

Neurosis didn’t put out an album this year so this was the next best thing. This album blew me away. How can you go wrong with members of Neurosis, Eyehategod, Natchmystium, & Yakuza getting together to make noise? Throw in some Joy Division & Acid Horse worship, and you’ve got the makings of one of the years most unique releases. Instant cult status.



2. Carcass – Surgical Steel

IT’S FUCKING CARCASS!!!! Need I say more?!



1. PallbearerSorrow & Extinction

This technically came out in late 2012, but since I didn’t hear it until February of this year, & I do what I want, it’s my pick for album of the year. 49 minutes of pure, gut-wrenching sorrow! Everything I could want in a Doom record & more. A perfect companion for drinking absinthe. Just hide the knives & keep the radio away from the bathtub.

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