Aug 29

Edguy – Age Of The Joker (2011)


After three years of absence Edguy returns more strong and funny than ever with Age Of The Joker their tenth studio album – and not this is not a stand up comedy CD – but it could be, when you heard lyrics like “Robin Hood is after you and He’s not in a joking mood” of their first single Robin Hood.

The album continues in the same path that their predecessor Tinnitus Sanctus, a more hard rocking sound that tell the duality and the musical flexibility of the band. As always when bands experiment with different sounds, people tend to divide their opinions around them, and is not the exception in the case of Edguy. Indeed the album is not a power metal album, but for some reason it fits pretty well the moment for which the band is going through.

About the sound, Age Of The Joker, presents itself like a calm and fun album that do what Edguy knows best, play good music and have fun while doing it. Along the album the tracks have different influences from a cowboy style on Pandora’s box, a more epic and aggressive on Behind The Gates To Midnight World,to a romantic tone in Every Night Without You. One constant in this album is the quality of musical production handled by Sascha Paeth and of course the great voice of Tobias Sammet, that imprints feeling to each song.

Overall is a good album that shows the musical quality Edguy and their evolution as a band and like guitarist Jens Ludwig told us in a recent interview ” this album is the perfect combination between keeping your roots and experiment with new elements”. So no doubt you will be getting a great musical piece and a good laugh with Edguy‘s Age Of The Joker.

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