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Edge Of Paradise performs at the Mesa Music Festival (Mesa, AZ 11/15/16)



The Mesa Music Festival was the perfect door for Edge Of Paradise to début in Arizona. I have known about this band since more than a year now, and since I listened to their newest album, Immortal Waltz they have made a fan out of me. In the past year Edge Of Paradise has played across the US, but never in Arizona until last Sunday.

Edge of Paradise was originally scheduled to play the main stage at 5 pm on Sunday, but because of the menacing heavy rain that the east side of the city had since 1 pm that Sunday they decided to move their spot a bit early once skies cleared after 3 pm. I arrive a bit before 4 pm to catch their soundcheck, then their set properly started at 5 pm as originally planned, unfortunately, the rain seemed to scared people away, so there were not too many people around the stage at that time.


Their show was a direct reflection of what you can listen on Immortal Waltz, that included songs like Perfect Shade of Black, In A Dream, Rise For The Fallen, Break Away, and even they throw a couple of Black Sabbath songs including Children of the Sea. Edge of Paradise delivered a good and passionate show, as they seem to be a band that puts effort and soul into their live performances. For everyone’s surprise, the band played a small encore show at a pizzeria near the stage which was used as one of the venues for the Mesa Music Festival.

The set list for that show was almost the same, but the songs were a bit rawer and more intense from what they played on the main stage early that day. It was interesting to see how the band transitioned from their main stage sound to a more of a club sound. Even though the songs sounded the same the impact and the mood were a lot different from one stage to the other.


I really hope to see them more of Edge of Paradise soon in Arizona, but probably on a club level, places like Club Red, Livewire, or Joe’s Grotto would be good for a more metal oriented exposure. Their musical talents and showmanship are exactly what has been advertised on the press. Definitely Edge of Paradise is one of those bands to best enjoy live.

Pictures: Edge Of Paradise at Mesa Music Festival (Mesa, AZ 11/15/15)

Line up:

Margarita Monet – Vocals
Dave Bates – Guitar
John Chominsky – Drums
Nick Ericson – Bass Guitar


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