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Dying Fetus – Reign Supreme (2012)


Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme

Dying Fetus is easily one of the most devastating bands around and has been laying waste to legions of rabid fans for two decades. The band’s ability to maintain industrial-strength brutality, while throwing in flashes of technicality and fluidly folding in neck-snapping groove is truly what sets them apart from most of their contemporaries. With their seventh studio album, Reign Supreme, the band doesn’t try to get fancy and “branch out” by incorporating the ukulele, or something else equally ridiculous. No, this is a lesson in unabashed, unhinged American death metal.

The entire album is filled with all the goodies Dying Fetus fans expect, but there are few tracks in particular that really stand out. Throughout, there are tracks that are laden with grooves and some that are more straightforward blistering death metal. The first single off the album, “Subjected To A Beating,” takes everything the band can muster within the five minutes it was given and hurls it right at your face…with a slingshot…from three feet away. One major highlight of the album, “From Womb To Waste,” starts out with a clip from a woman who says…well, you’ll just have to hear it for yourself. The track is absolutely killer, with a few well-timed tempo shifts and a riff that may crack a few vertebrae in your neck. “In The Trenches” may be the leanest track on the album. There is no crazy guitar trickery, it’s simply heavy and focused on being nasty.

On vocals, John Gallagher and Sean Beasley dish out the goods and take the album from being punishing, to disgustingly brutal. Behind the kit, Trey Williams pounds out one hell of a tight performance, keeping the BPMs high and pushing himself to his limits. Listen to him talk about the recording process and other tidbits in our interview with him, located here.

Reign Supreme is a perfect example of a band who is acutely aware of what works for them and being very good at it. It’s replete with maddening riffs and technicality. Anyone who has been following the band over the years has nothing to worry about. This is uncompromising death metal, Dying Fetus-style. Digging down into the album it says a lot about religion, drug abuse, and politics. On the surface, it says, “I’m going to kick your ass swiftly and repeatedly.” The band will be spending summer 2012 on the road with Six Feet Under and Revocation, and then heading out on the European festival circuit. Pick up the album, see them on tour, and get ready for the ensuing beating.

* editor’s choice

1. Invert The Idols
2. Subjected To A Beating *
3. Second Skin
4. From Womb To Waste *
5. Dissidence *
6. In The Trenches *
7. Devout Atrocity
8. Revisionist Past
9. The Blood Of Power

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