Aug 26

Dust Bolt – Violent Demolition (2012)


Newly signed band to the Napalm Records roster is up and coming thrash metal band from Germany.  The band was originally formed back in 2006, and then they released their EP CHAOS POSSESSION in 2010.  Dust Bolt caught lots people’s attention with their killer tunes which have brought them where they are today.  The band consists of: Lenny B. (vocals\guitar), Flo D. (guitar), Bene M. (Bass), Nico R. (drums).  Their greatly anticipated debut album is “Violent Demolition.”

The first track off the album is  Opulence Contaminated and it does not disappoint.  It’s really great energetic in your face thrash.  The track has got some great rifts and really gets your attention.  Violent Abolition is a killer track Lenny & Flo really know how to shred on their guitars.  The first two songs really have that old classic thrash sound to them, their really great.  March Thru Pain starts off with Lenny screaming and his vocals really do sound like he’s in pain.  This by far is the coolest song off the whole album.  It has a lot of different parts to it where the band has slowed things down and then sped them up.  I really loved the guitar rift during the chorus it’s very unique and then when you hit 3:55 again we get blasted by another one of Lenny’s screams.  Finally things slow down and the song comes to a close, loved this track it was noting less than perfect.  Shattered By Reality has a really cool intro & its a great song that again shows off how talented these guys are.

The next two tracks off the album are Toxic Attack &  Into Madness both are songs that when played live the fans will really enjoy especially Into Madness because of its awesome guitar solos.  Oblivion has speed and a bit of aggression which makes the song title perfect for this song.  It has some great vocals on it as well.  Pleasure Illusion &  Deviance are the last two songs off the album and are very diverse.  Really great to end the album Deviance finishes off with one last low pitch growl from Lenny which was perfect.

Over all Violent Demolition is an amazing album.  Considering its Dust Bolt’s first album they sound like they have their sound down and they know what they are doing and how they want to come across.  I picked up alot of great guitar rifts which is what I loved most about them.  The band as a whole sound great together they have the potential to go far and beyond.  These guys have a bright future ahead of them and everyone should pick up the album and see history in the making.

Track List (*personal picks)

1. Opulence Contaminated

2. Violent Abolition

3. March Thru Pain**

4. Shattered By Reality*

5. Toxic Attack

6. Into Madness

7. Oblivion

8. Pleasure Illusion

9. Deviance

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