Apr 17

DragonForce – The Power Within (2012)


       Love them or hate them, extreme Power metallers DragonForce are back with a with new album called The Power Within. DragonForce were formed back in 1999 by guitarists and only remaining original members Sam Totman and Herman Li. In 2010 their vocalist ZP Theart left the band due to musical differences and that they were in search for a new vocalist. After many people auditioned on Youtube, they chose Marc Hudson as their new vocalist. With The Power Within, DragonForce will show the world the capabilities of their new vocalist.

          Being a somewhat big fan of them in the past, I was not too fond of their album Ultra Beatdown when it came out. However upon hearing The Power Within I noticed a few things have changed, for one thing Marc Hudson is more than a capable vocalist for DragonForce. Another thing is the I found is the straight-forwardness of the record, unlike their past two records where there were many times an almost video game aspect to their music (in fact they got really big due to their marketing move of promoting their music on guitar simulation video game Guitar Hero) in The Power Within they have toned down the video game sound in favour of more traditional Power metal. That is however not to say that they have done away with the crazy fast tempo for they are still there but there are songs at a more traditional pace. The Power Within starts off with Holding On where you hear guitar feedback going into a momentous guitar riff, then Marc Hudson, in true Power metal fashion, hits a high-pitched yell. The next track Fallen World like Holding On shows off the speed that DragonForce is so well known for. With the single Cry for Thunder and the song Seasons things start to slow down where the instruments go at a mid-tempo pace for pretty much the whole song. The whole album pretty much continues like for the rest of the way.

       Now with this backtrack to a more traditional Power metal like their first two albums: Valley of the Damned and Sonic Firestorm they did in fact lose some of their uniqueness. The crazy video game sounds are at most gone and the guitar solos are in fact toned down in length and in craziness. With Marc Hudson he sounds like many other singers in the genre, there is really no real uniqueness to his voice. However with all this The Power Within is probably their best album since Sonic Firestorm, now with Marc Hudson taking the reigns of vocals and the push for their old sound they have trimmed all the excessive fat that have been building since Ultra Beatdown making The Power Within a more leaner and solid listen for people to raise their fists and bang their heads.


1. Holding On

2. Fallen World

3. Cry Thunder

4. Give Me the Night

5. Wings of Liberty

6. Seasons

7. Heart of the Storm

8. Die by the Sword

9. Last Man Stands

10. Seasons (Acoustic Version)


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