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Draconian – A Rose For The Apocalypse (2011)


Talk about Draconian is talk about a band pioneer in the gothic doom scene, that brings us their latest album A Rose For The Apocalypse. this album is a modern conception in the way to do gothic doom metal.

The album opens with The Drowning Age a very catching song with a great work guitar that shows the talent of guitarists Johan Ericsson and Daniel Arvidsson on the strings. The Last Hour Of Ancient Sunlight is a poetic track fill with sorrow that get you to the inside by the voice of Anders Jacobsson guttural singer of the band. End Of The Robe is a more settle song that manage to takes from early gothic doom basics and revamp it in a modern way. Elysian Night is a heart pounding song that get into your skin for the again magnificent use of the beauty and the beast vocals by Lisa Johansson and Anders. Deadlight is a more progressive song, full of articulated guitar riffs and an excellent drum fill

Dead World Assembly is a track a bit more modern and with some sparks of electronic music on it or maybe is the keyboard work that make it so sublime. A Phantom Dissonance present us a very melodic voice that fits a rock guitar that has a 70’s sound very in the path of Santana. The Quiet Storm track has a radiophonic sound that makes the voices sounds like if they were recorded in a vintage vinyl. The Death Of Hours closes this masterpiece with a traditional Doom sound at the best style of Anathema or Paradise lost.

Draconian does not present an innovation in Gothic Doom metal, but they present an honest album in A Rose For The Apocalypse. What the album presents is a deep work in a single line that by taking from the basic sound, revamp and enhanced the gothic doom sound.

Power Tracks: The Last Hour Ancient Sunlight, Elysian Night,  A Phantom Dissonance, The Death Of Hours

Soft Tracks
The Drowning Age, Deadlight, End Of The Rope


01. The Drowning Age (7:18)
02. The Last Hour Ancient Sunlight (5:26)
03. End Of The Rope (6:34)
04. Elysian Night (7:52)
05. Deadlight (6:32)
06. Dead World Assembly (5:52)
07. A Phantom Dissonance (5:39)
08. The Quiet Storm (6:37)
09. The Death Of Hours (7:48)
10. Wall Of Sighs (5:14)











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