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Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein talked to The Age of Metal at Winter NAMM 2014



Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is iconic for being the long-standing guitarist of The Misfits. But it was an eye-opener seeing Doyle release his latest project simply titled Doyle. This project consists of former Misfits member drummer Dr. Chud, Alex Story of Cancerslug as the vocalist and Graham Reaper on bass. The début album Abominator was released last year, and has brought nothing but success to this beast of a band.

Being a long-time fan of The Misfits, I was surprised when I first heard about this project. Doyle definitely follows the singular style that he obtains and strays away from the rough-punk stylings of The Misfits. Though the overall theme of the sound is a horror-based, Doyle plays with more of a metal and hard rock style. This truly makes this project unique.

Doyle also has some of the most interesting gear I’ve seen. He built his own guitar, which surmounts to his epic playing. He also uses top-quality gear, such as Seymour Duncan Invader pick-ups. Dean Markley also has custom Misfits Skullblaster strings. His fiendish style yet inventive skill are what makes Doyle truly legendary.

The Age of Metal was able to speak to Doyle while at Winter NAMM 2014. In the interview we ask Doyle about the gear he uses, his project Doyle, and what else he has planned for 2014.



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