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Doro Peach speaks about Tour, New Music and being the Metal Queen



Doro Pesch has a music career spanning over thirty years, which is more than most people can say. And from someone who still records and tours frequently, it’s no wonder why Doro has become one of the most legendary figures in metal.

The crowd erupted when Doro came on stage at The Orpheum in Tampa; even the Gasparilla parade wasn’t as loud as Doro fans on February 27. And it’s no wonder why because everything Doro does is for her fans. Whether it was the energetic performance or little quirks such as a new set list for each show, the fans were connected to every note that was played. And coming from a woman who has been across the world and back multiple times, a Tampa venue seemed to be equivalent to a major festival.

No matter if you have every piece of music Doro ever recorded, seeing her live is essential. She just lights up and fills the stage with vigor. This is the biggest factor in her success. But her recordings are just as powerful, especially after you experience her live show. Whether it was when she was fronting Warlock in the 80’s of her solo material, anyone can enjoy the passion that comes out of Doro’s music. Doro has teased a new album, and she’ll be releasing the first single on April 1st. Along with the new album, she has another special DVD release. With being a prominent figure for decades, the biggest change in Doro’s career is that it keeps rising up. It seems Doro will be going stronger than ever before.

While she plays classic heavy metal, she always has new ideas and her creativity never falters. All of her ideas mixed with her passion for music and for her fans have made Doro the legend she is.

The Age of Metal spoke to Doro on her headlining tour. In the interview, we discuss her recent touring, what she can tell us about the new album, and what it’s like to be the Metal Queen.

Pictures: Doro at The Orpheum (Tampa, FL 02/28/16)


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