May 20

Doll Skin discussed the generation doom tour and In Your Face Again


Doll Skin 20

When you were in high school, were you signed to a major label and went on national tours? Well, that’s the life the ladies of Doll Skin are leading. And their age is one of the many factors that is eye-catching about this band. Discovered by Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson just a couple of years ago, this band quickly caught the attention of the music scene and have only received praise. These young women have had a busy couple of years and are only expected to grow in popularity.

It was my first time seeing them while they were supporting Otep on the Generation Doom tour, and they were one of my favorite performances of the night. While playing popular songs such as Family of Strangers and Furious Fixation every member of this band jumped, thrashed and rocked out harder than any band playing that night. Crowdgoers who attended the show early at State Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida got the most benefit since they witnessed the walls being broken down by a band half their age.

This band can simply be described as “hard rock” or “punk with metal influences” but this band is directly hard-hitting and rough around the edges. They get in your face and tell you how it is; whether it’s with Sydney Dolezal’s unmistakable vocals, Alex Snowden’s dexterous riffing or from the equally slamming rhythm section with Nicole Rich’s old-school bass techniques and Meghan Herring’s vigorous drumming. One of the main benefits of watching a young band grow is to see their improvement as a band. While starting off as talented musicians, constant touring and writing has forced these ladies to improve as a band. Whether it’s in their stage presence or their songwriting, with constant perseverance Doll Skin can only soar.

In this silly interview, The Age of Metal was able to speak to Doll Skin while they were on the Generation Doom tour. They discussed the tour, their new LP In Your Face Again and why they have talent and chemistry as a young band.


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