Nov 05

Divine Ascension – As The Truth Appears (2011)


Coming from the outbacks of Australia land of titans like AC/DC or heavy metal icons Pegazus. A new promise appears on the horizon, Divine Ascension, a band that don’t have anything to envy to their predecessors, Nightwish, After Forever & Epica. The Australians made their own brew of symphonic progressive female fronted metal. The voice of Jennifer Borg is powerful and enchanting which gives to this record a different drive, You can tell that they are not belong to the dutch school of symphonic female fronted metal, but they are something else, is like Symphony X or Kamelot with a full-time front-woman.

As The Truth Appears, is the first release by Divine Ascension and they didn’t save any effort on make it memorable. The album opens with Answers a track that right of the bat shows the powerful voice of Jennifer Borg. The album continues with Visionary a very versatile track full of progressions and melodic riffs between guitars and keyboards that shows the musical potential of Divine Ascension. One thing that is clear on this album is that the voice fits really well with the progressive style of the band. The album has its moments of aggression in tracks like Civilization, One Last Caress, and Garden Of Evil, which is on my opinion the best track of the album.

Divine Ascension is not bringing something new to the table, but the way they mix the progressive elements with the symphonic and vocal elements is unique. A great proposal and a fresh voice from a country that doesn’t have a female fronted tradition. This makes the band really appealing and exotic at the time to listen their work.

Track List:
1. Answers
2. Visionary
3. In My Mind
4. Vision Divine
5. Guided By Osiris
6. One Last Caress
7. Garden of Evil
8. Another Battlefield
9. Civilization
10. Unscathed

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