May 01

DISPERSE drummer Mike Malyan releases ‘Foreword’ tab book


Image of [foreword] Drum Tab Book (physical)

DISPERSE drummer Michael Malyan has released a new drum tab book for the band’s new album, ‘Foreword’. The book, a complete drum transcription of ‘Foreword’, features digital Guitar Pro 7/6/5 audio files, a PDF copy of the book, and much more. The book is comb-bound on high-quality 100gsm paper. The ‘Foreword’ drumming book is available for purchase here.

To celebrate the release of the book, Malyan is currently giving away the tabs to the band’s single “Surrender” in digital form here.

Regarding the release of the tab book, Malyan comments: “I’m so happy with this tab book. I’ve gone through and painstakingly mapped out the album drum parts, down to the extreme detail of exactly which cymbals were hit, and every single ghost note. Some parts are hybrids with some programmed drum elements, but the tabs encompass them into a playable hybrid of the two sounds!

The digital book is written in Guitar Pro 6, and then optimized individually for the new Guitar Pro 7! I’ve also included GP5 files for those of you who have the older Guitar Pro 5 software, although I can’t guarantee all of the ghost notes will make it through!

The physical book is printed on high quality 100gsm paper, and comb bound by hand by yours truly!”

Malyan previously streamed a new play-through video of the track “Surrender”. The multi-cam video is streaming now via DRUM! Magazine.

Regarding the track, Malyan comments: “”Surrender” is one of my favorite songs to play from ‘Foreword’. The challenge of the intricate dynamics in the simpler sections almost triumphs the later sections with the complex time signatures. Thankfully there’s a mini drum solo section at the end to make up for all of the difficulties!”

“Surrender” is taken from DISPERSE’s new album, ‘Foreword’. An uplifting and inspirational record, ‘Foreword’ sees DISPERSE take a bold step into the future, showcasing the band’s immense chops and flair for elegant, evocative songwriting. ‘Foreword’ is streaming digitally at  Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and more and is available across multiple CD and LP formats here.

Photo by Laurie Monk

The artwork and track list for ‘Foreword’ can be found below:

1. Stay
2. Surrender
3. Bubbles
4. Tomorrow
5. Tether
6. Sleeping Ivy
7. Does It Matter How Far?
8. Foreword
9. Neon
10. Gabriel
11. Kites

‘Foreword’ on Spotify
‘Foreword’ on Bandcamp

DISPERSE updates will be made available through the Season of Mist website, and the DISPERSE Facebook page.

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