Dec 23

Disfiguring the Goddess – Deprive (2013)



Out of all of the heavy bands that have emerged recently, Disfiguring the Goddess is one that impresses me the most. The combination of brutal vitality, electronic symphonies and perfect production is astounding. This results in a project that is truly unique.

Cameron Argon, the man behind Disfiguring the Goddess, goes beyond expectations with the writing and production for this project. On December 10th he released two new albums from Disfiguring the Goddess: Black Earth Child and Deprive. Deprive, in short, is a heavily diverse yet simply vigorous masterpiece.

The album starts off with The Pathway to Everlasting Nothingness. A rapid drum fill and heavy riff makes up the opening to this track and is followed by Argon’s intense lows. The track then transcends into a highly technical style, yet still achieving that atrocious vibe.  The next track, Death’s Head Mask, is a melodic yet eerie song that combines symphonic electronics with heavy riffs. Home of the Dollmaker truly captures the new vibe Argon is achieving with this release by flawlessly combining the succor of the electronics for a sullen atmosphere, to the expeditious feel of brutal death metal.

Deprive, the album’s title track, completely brings on the headbang! With one of the swiftest openings I heard in a song to the nefarious feel that continues throughout the track. Industrial Quarter starts with one of the catchiest riffs on the album, and then evolves into one of the most belligerent monsters ever to attack your soul. This is by far the most unique song on the album. At only a minute and a half long, Swarm King brings enough unswerving aggressiveness for the whole album. The last song on this indomitable release is Old Man. This track alone will surely induce the listener to rage and to attack; it is the perfect way to end this album.

With Deprive, Disfiguring the Goddess proves that they deserve the title for the most impressive brutal death metal band of the twenty-first century. This album alone evokes both barbaric behavior and embossing reaction. Deprive is definitely the brutal album of 2013 (wish I hadn’t already published my damn Best of 2013 list). Argon is truly an ingenious individual with the amount of creativity and diligence that he used with this album. Disfiguring the Goddess is one project that will always continue to shock and amaze the listener. Deprive is one of the several illimitable releases we can expect from Disfiguring the Goddess.



1. The Pathway to Everlasting Nothingness
2. Death’s Head Mask
3. House of the Dollmaker
4. Deprive
5. Industrial Quarter
6. Swarm King
7. Old Man

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Decomp Records

Playing Time: 17 Minutes


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