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DISCHARGE stream new track “Raped And Pillaged”


UK-based hardcore punk legends DISCHARGE are set to release their new album End Of Days, on May 13 in North America. Today sees the release of new track ‘Raped And Pillaged’ ahead of that release. Listen to the track and read what their piers had to say about the band and their influence, here: https://youtu.be/6WHTklDWedQ

“I’ve always loved punk rock, some of the first bands I ever got into were punk bands.
Including the mind-blowing DISCHARGE album »Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing«.”


“DISCHARGE’s »Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing« album is still as heavy and brutal as anything out there. There was just a level of brutality on that album that I had never heard before. Without that DISCHARGE album, I don’t know what I would have done!”

Scott Ian (ANTHRAX)

“You guys gotta listen to DISCHARGE, cause it’s badass, it’s killer!”
Max Cavalera (SOULFLY)

“DISCHARGE had such attitude and their music was so hard to us back then…
they were a huge influence.”

Rob Cavestany (DEATH ANGEL)

“As a rebellious kid frustrated on many things that still frustrate me today regarding this world we live in, I can honestly say 1 band always made me feel alive!
That band were DISCHARGE! Truly one of the UK’s finest punk band every!”


“DISCHARGE are one of the great iconic bands from the 80’s that still have it! Total respect!”


“The HC community has always held DISCHARGE in high regard – I think the fact that they are one of the more “aggressive” punk bands, really resonates in our world and beyond that as well…”

Freddy Cricien (MADBALL)

“Not only for their intensity as a band, they influenced me in every way…
from vocals to lyrics to packaging of all their records…phenomenal.”

Mark Osegueda (DEATH ANGEL)

End Of Days track list:

01. New World Order
02. Raped And Pillaged
03. End Of Days
04. The Broken Law
05. False Flag Entertainment
06. Meet Your Maker
07. Hatebomb
08. It Can’t Happen Here
09. Infected
10. Killing Yourself To Live
11. Looking At Pictures Of Genocide
12. Hung Drawn And Quartered
13. Population Control
14. The Terror Alert
15. Accessories By Molotov (Part 2)

DISCHARGE are a British hardcore punk band formed in 1977. The band is characterised by a minimalistic approach to music and lyrics. A heavy, distorted and grinding guitar-driven sound and raw, shouted vocals similar to a political speech, with lyrics on anarchistic and pacifistic themes.

AllMusic calls the band’s sound a “high-speed noise overload” characterised by “ferocious noise blasts”. The band’s 1982 debut album, Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, went to number two in the UK Indie Charts and number 40 in the UK Album Charts. In the early 1980s, numerous DISCHARGE singles and EPs landed in the top 10 of the UK Indie Charts, including the 1981 EP Why? and the 1982 single ‘State Violence State Control’. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing paved the way for thrash metal, black metal, crust punk, grindcore and various extreme metal subgenres. The musical genre of d-beat is named after DISCHARGE and their distinctive drumbeat.

Saturday, 28 May 2016 Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD / MDF Maryland Deathfest (Discharge only)
Sunday, 29 May 2016 Boston, MA Brighton Music Hall***
Monday, 30 May 2016 New York, NY Webster Hall / Marlin Room*
Tuesday, 31 May 2016 Chicago, IL Reggies*
Wednesday, 1 June 2016 Vancouver, BC Rickshaw Theater
Thursday, 2 June 2016 Seattle, WA Studio Seven
Friday, 3 June 2016 Portland, OR Dante’s
Saturday, 4 June 2016 San Francisco, CA Slim’s
Sunday, 5 June 2016 Pomona, CA Glass House
Monday, 6 June 2016 Los Angeles, CA The Roxy

More on End Of Days:
Track-By-Track Part 1 https://youtu.be/l2yiBumsNs4
Track-By-Track Part 2 https://youtu.be/nBx9I7NwBhI
Track-By-Track Part 3 https://youtu.be/vLN0-oRd96E
Hatebomb” lyric video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DY_8qghAuQ4
New World Order” video clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlGTzVUmEhE

Jeff Janiak (JJ) – vocals
Tony Roberts (Bones) – lead guitar
Terry Roberts (Tezz) – rhythm guitar
Roy Wainwright (Rainy) – bass
Dave Bridgewood – drums

Visit DISCHARGE online:

Pre-order End Of Days here: http://nblast.de/DischargeEndOfDaysNB

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