Nov 21

DESTRÖYER 666 announce ‘Defiance’ LP reissue, ‘Wildfire’ new Lp edition


DESTRÖYER 666 are engaging on a new campaign of ‘Defiance’. The band have repressed their fourth full-length album. Already acclaimed by the Metal press upon original release, “Defiance” redefines the extreme Metal genre with melodic hymns of stunning atmospheric density.

The new ‘Defiance’ reissue is available as a gatefold LP with a poster, limited to do 200 copies in clear vinyl, and 500 in black. ‘Defiance’ is available at the Season of Mist E-Shop.

DESTRÖYER 666’s new album, ‘Wildfire’ has also been reissued in a limited silver vinyl edition. ‘Wildfire’ was recently championed as as one of Decibel Magazine’s 40 best albums of 2016, and was hailed as “Loaded with evil riffs, screaming solos and a blitzkrieg rhythm section, Wildfire saw main man K.K. Warslut at his most venomous and defiant, hoisting middle fingers in every direction on “Hounds at Ya Back,” “White Line Fever” (not a Motörhead cover) and “Die You Fucking Pig” before closing with a triumphant murder-mystery anthem in “Tamam Shud.”“.

‘Wildfire’ is currently available at the Season of Mist E-Shop across several CD, LP, and Cassette formats, including the new Silver LP edition, which is limited to 200 copies.

Wildfire is streaming in full here. DESTRÖYER 666 previously released a music video for the album’s title track at the official DESTROYER 666 Bandcamp page.

Track List
1. Traitor
2. Live and Burn
3. Artiglio Del Diavolo
4. Hounds at ya Back
5. Hymn to Dionysus
6. Wildfire
7. White Line Fever
8. Die You Fucking Pig
9. Tamam Shud

No strangers to the scene, K.K. and DESTRÖYER 666 are back spitting fire, venom, and vitriol! Legends in extreme underground metal, the band have toured the world-over on the backs of their highly-acclaimed landmark albums, ‘Unchain the Wolves’, ‘Cold Steel…for an Iron Age’, ‘Defiance’, and ‘Phoenix Rising’. The albums can be streamed at the band’s official Bandcamp page.

DESTRÖYER 666 news and tour information will be made available through the Season of Mist website, and the DESTRÖYER 666 Facebook page.

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