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Demon Lung – The Hundredth Name (2013)



If one were to dissect a Demon Lung they would come across many different elements during the autopsy process. Sludgy primordial ooze would be dripping through the expanse of the bronchial tree. The right and left inferior lobes would be filled with reverberation, once chugging and plugging back when they were breathing life. The intercostal muscles would look bruised and depleted, the product of abuse.

Las Vegas based Demon Lung’s upcoming release The Hundredth Name moves through the lungs in much the same way as the processes described above. The down tuned guitar sound consumes as the gloominess of the vocals take over, moving in and out of the lungs like a thick black smoke, smoldering and submerging itself into the airways.

Eyes of Zamiel’ bends and moves like a snake coiling itself and tightening its grip on feeble prey. Ominous and dark, a sonata of pale progression forms as the song builds up and out of itself. ‘Heathen Child’ is hazy and mysterious. The guitar tone couples perfectly with the mellow and soothing voice of Shanda Fredrick. About half way into the song you’ll find yourself transfixed in time, hypnotized by the calm transition of the sound. That moment is fleeting before the band thrusts you out of it and back into a heavy, sludgy miasma.

Incantation (The Hundredth Name)’ is an eerily beautiful ending to this album. The acoustic guitar in the beginning acts as a pleasurable appetizer before the track spirals back onto its doom laden path.  Towards the end the song sways with fluidity and ease. Acting like a night cap after a long night, this album will leave you feeling satisfied, maybe even allowing you to breathe a little easier. Let it fill your lungs.

Doom with its best foot forward, The Hundredth Name is a perfect fit for fans of Sleep, Black Sabbath, Trouble, Pentagram, Candlemass, and Cathedral. It’s no wonder this band seems to be cogs and bolts in the hype machine lately, their individualistic style and thoughtful song writing warrant attention with multiple listens.

The Hundredth Name is out on Candlelight Records on June 4th, 2013.

Demon Lung are confirmed to play Southwest Terror Fest in Tucson, AZ this October.


Track Listing:

  1. Binding of the Witch
  2. Devils Wind
  3. Eyes of Zamiel
  4. A Decade Twice Over A Day
  5. Heathen Child
  6. Hex Mark
  7. Hallowed Ground
  8. Incantation (The Hundredth Name)


Patrick Warren – Bass
Jeremy Brenton – Drums
Phillip Burns – Guitar
Shanda Fredrick – Vocals





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