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Delain – Moonbathers (2016)



There are some albums out there that impact upon your life in a very  singular way, some of their lyrics speak to you and for an odd reason, they reflect on what is going in your life at that very moment. Delain‘s new album Moonbathers is that kind of album for me at this moment. We can say in the technical side of it that is the heaviest album that Delain has released so far, and that it keeps the same line of sound of The Human Contradiction which reflects the band’s ever-evolving signature sound.

Hands Of Gold is the pounding leading track that since the beginning shows Delain‘s intentions of making a big noise with Moonbathers in 2016. The sharp guitar sound of Timo Somers and the ferocity of guitar licks of Merel Bechtold make this track a fast roller coaster, the addition of Alissa White-Gluz growling vocals adds an extra layer of aggression to the song. This most likely will be one of your favorites as they song that paves the road for the rest of the album. The Glory and The Scum is a less heavier song than Hands of Gold but it keeps the album at the same pace, I didn’t find a deep connection with this song in particular, but it is a good single to showcase what Delain is offering on Moonbathers. We knew Suckerpunch as a catchy song and great opening show song since it was released in the Lunar Prelude EP last February, The song serves as a bridge between the heavy first part of the album and the melodic part of it.

Now, The Hurricane is a song that has a story that impacted me and that speaks to me on a personal level, the song has become really intimate and interesting to me, lyrically speaking talks about two opposites that are part of a whole and that together are stronger than anything, which relates deeply to a personal situation. So that alone makes it not only one of my favorite songs on the album, but a song that I treasure dearly. Chrysalis – The Last Breath is a romantic and dark ballad about a reconnecting with someone who might have lost his/her way, but it could be interpreted as a goodbye song, really dark but at the same time very upfront and personal. Again one of my personal favorite songs of the album. Fire with Fire is a very empowering song that I found myself fascinated with this song to the point that I dedicated it to someone close to my heart (hi L), really amazing song about strength, independence and never back down. If there is a song that can inspire you to empower yourself or others, well this is the song. Also I think this song will be very powerful live, so I look forward to see it perform live.

Pendulum keeps the same heaviness of the album and adds a rock n roll vibe to this part of the album, lyrically speaking it deals with enjoying moments, enjoying live, or love. not let time dictate when things end, it is a reflecting song about how we enjoy memories or moments instead of keeping them on a memory box. Dance Macabre is the first part of the 80’s style songs that this album reflects, a really pop rock song that is not only well done, but it is also enjoyable. I think Cindy Lauper and Cheer should be proud of what Delain did on this song a real treat that is not only deep but also enjoyable, once again another song that I would love to see live.

Scandal is the cover of a rare Queen that Delain carefully crafted into a great 80’s retro song, really powerful and fun, Definitely an amazing cover that not only pays tribute to Queen and the era, but it also it is a fucking great 80’s cover. Turn The Lights Out was introduced in the Lunar Prelude EP. A really catchy song that has a powerful background story as it relates to the character of death from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics. Moonbathers closes with The Monarch, a song that it is some sort of acoustic/whispering song that closes the album nicely with the melodic touch that Delain is well-known for.

Overall Moonbathers is not only the heaviest but also the most diverse and fun album that the band has released so far, a roller coaster trip of heavy music and emotional lyrics that you will want to listen on repeat almost at all times, with the upcoming tours I am really curious how many of this songs will play out live.



1. Hands Of Gold – Featuring Alissa White-Gluz
2. The Glory and the Scum
3. Suckerpunch
4. The Hurricane
5. Chrysalis – The Last Breath
6. Fire With Fire
7. Pendulum
8. Danse Macabre
9. Scandal
10. Turn the Lights Out
11. The Monarch

Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Gothic Metal


Charlotte Wessels (vocals)
Martijn Westerholt (keys)
Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije (bass)
Ruben Israel (drums)
Timo Somers (guitar)
Merel Bechtold (guitar)


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