Nov 22

Deftones – Koi No Yokan (2012)


The legacy of Deftones is not one to be undermined. With a constant history of charting and achieving, the band is all but a let-down. Throughout the years (since 1988), the band has retained their 3 core members, and the consistency is reflected into their paced progression of styles from album to album.

One thing about the Deftones, is that they show grade “A” perseverance, dedication and love for their music. Like every other band, the beginning of their career was mostly entangled in local shows and self promotion, but it took 7 years for them to make an official release. Even then, the album wasn’t well received, and took a lot of self promotion to get their music to the right audience. Once they caught their stride however, they began to gain the full recognition they deserve, eventually having their debut album go platinum in 2008. Proving to not just be a “one hit wonder”, their second album Around the Fur hit the charts with a fantastic contender, and later went Gold and Platinum. Not surprisingly, their next album hit 3rd on the charts. By this point, most bands would have gone through the lost of a good number of members, which makes it quite the accomplishment that they’ve avoided such troubles. Even more stunning, is that they continued all the way up to the present in 2012 without any problems, and show no signs of that changing. Over 20 years and 7 albums later, Deftones are still at the top of their game.

As soon as I saw Koi No Yokan was available for reviewing, I knew I needed to have it. The album was better than I expected, (which I already had high expectations), then again Deftones can never release anything disappointing. Swerve City is the opening track and although it’s not my favorite, it definitely gives you a taste of how the album is going to sound. The second song Romantic Dreams, is a bit slower; Chino’s vocals stand out a lot on this track and that is always a plus. Leathers comes on next…the vocals after the subtle intro catch you off-guard, but that does not stop this from being one of my favorites off of the album. The chorus is mesmerizing and it just sounds beautiful. Poltergeist is a bit heavier than any of the others by creating a fantastic change from their normal tempo while keeping the flow of the record consistent.  The fifth song, Entombed, is another one of my favorites; like Romantic Dreams, the song is a lot softer. It’s charmingly delicate sound is just breathtaking.

The record continues with Graphic Nature, and like a lot of the others, the chorus is wonderful; it definitely keeps the album sounding smooth. Temptest is next. With this track I can almost feel the passion these guys have for their music and that is extremely impressive; again, this song shows off Chino’s ever-so-lovely voice. The ending of Temptest doesn’t prepare you for the fast intro of Gauze, but only nine seconds into the song it becomes soft while keeping it’s intensity, even sounding a bit aggressive. Rosemary has a rather alluring beginning and the song doesn’t fail to continue that same feeling throughout. The tenth track is titled Goon Squad…I have to admit that name reminded me of Gucci Mane’s group, 1017 Brick Squad, (not that any of you give a shit, haha). Anyways, the sound of the song, to me, doesn’t exactly match up with the title, but it’s still well-written and is one of the best representations of their skills as musicians on the album. What Happened To You? is the last track and is absolutely perfect for a calm closure…however, the ending of any Deftones album is always depressing for me.

Like every Deftones album to date, the long wait is met with an amazing output. Although this means that it’ll be awhile until their next album hits the shelves, I can rest peacefully knowing that it will be as mindblowing as all the rest.

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