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Defeated Sanity – Passages Into Deformity (2013)


I normally don’t review brutal metal records. It’s not that I have anything against it, but I prefer sticking to my own domain so to speak. However, my friends told me about this band called Defeated Sanity and they’re like “JON DUDE YOU GOTTA CHECK THIS OUT IT’S LIKE BRUTAL TIMES OVER 9000”. So I did. And you know, it’s not bad, but it’s not the greatest thing ever.

So it’s definitely brutal. Like, I’m hard pressed to think of anything this brutal that’s come out recently aside from Monolith of Inhumanity or Reign Supreme (Cattle Decapitation and Dying Fetus, respectively). However, that brutality comes with a big technical side. It’s immensely difficult to follow along with for the casual metalhead. Songs like Verblendung will cause your head to implode on itself if you even so much try to figure out the time signatures in it. Furthermore, the sweeps on Lusting for Transcendence are fucking killer, as well as the accelerating drums. They’re not afraid to get jazzy on you either (The Purging). That jazz bass…mmmmm. The best part of the record is that it’s absolutely unrelenting.

Sometimes, however, the music goes into left field, even for me. For example, the ending of Verses Of Deformity ends abruptly with a piano playing. I thought that made little sense. There are other parts where I get this same feeling. Granted, as far as technical bands go, they’re definitely not as wankery as, say, Rings of Saturn, but it does get pretty close. Perhaps this is my post metal streak coming out – most of the bands I listen to on a day to day basis are slower. But even so, it does sometimes get to masturbatory levels of playing.

This is not a record for everyone. I’d best compare it to Devourment and Necrophagist having a baby who got bullied all the time, started taking jazz lessons, and then went apeshit. That’s how this record sounds like. It’s unflinching, brutal, and hard to get into – but then again, I don’t think they’d want it any other way.



1. Initiation
2. Naraka
3. Verblendung
4. Lusting for Transcendence
5. The Purging
6. Verses of Deformity
7. Perspectives
8. Frenzy
9. Martyrium

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Record Label: Willowtip Records

Playing Time: 38:19




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