Jul 13

Decapitated – Carnival is Forever (2011)


After dominating the early 2000’s with albums such as Winds of Creation (2000) and Nihility (2002) DECAPITATED became a new, young band that had nothing standing in their way. Sauron growling his way  alongside Vogg  Kiełtyka’s shredding guitar solos and Vitek Kiełtyka blasting beats right into the hearts of old school death metal fans, they too, were welcomed with open arms by younger fans as well. On the Organic Hallucinosis (2006) album, they hit a slight change by bringing in Adrian “Covan” Kowanek as vocals. This changed the overall vocal point but kept them in the hearts of the new metal genre with their musically, technical approach. In 2007 an automobile accident took the life of Vitek and left Covan in a coma.

With a slow recovery from this tragic loss, DECAPITATED’S highly anticipated fifth album Carnival is Forever is made up of singer Rafał Piotrowski, Filip Hałucha on bass, Vogg on guitar and has his hands in producing this album as well, and Krimh Lechner on drums.  Lacking the technicality that you hear in their first two albums, Vogg’s stuttering guitar and repetitive chunks make up for most of the guitar riffs throughout this album. Although, Vogg does solo on one song, track two ‘United’ and believe me, he  just nuts’ all over it! The last track  ‘Silence’ is a nice, soothing way to wrap up the album.

Carnival is Forever I am afraid, may lose the respect they once gained from the old school fans. Taking samples from every well may keep their sound current, but it just doesn’t deliver the technicality that Decapitated is best known for. I would have to give this 2 ½ stars out of 5. Although this may not be their best album, I have not lost all faith in them just yet! I do anticipate what future albums will bring.



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