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Death metal superband Akurion speaks to The Age of Metal about the band formation and future plans



Akurion is a new force that has already proved their might. This ravaging beast is composed of some of the most talented musicians notably known from bands such as Cryptopsy, Augury and Neuraxis. While these are all legendary bands, Akurion is its own monster that has been locked up and thirsty for blood. Anxiously awaiting the release of their vigorous material, Akruion is ready to slam their music into our eardrums and will become unforgettable.

With the release of “Yet Yee See Them NotAkurion was finally able to introduce the masses to their unique sound. With the metal community hungry for something new, they found their answer in Akurion. With the heavy use of multiple influences combining with inhuman talent, this band will prevail. This band is going to be a recognizable name in metal very soon.

The Age of Metal was able to speak with vocalist Mike DiSalvo of AkurionIn the interview we discuss the formation of the band, their first single and what to expect from the band.


The Age of Metal: Did a lot of preparation go into this band? Or did everything flow naturally when it formed?

Mike DiSalvo: Yeah it did come together quite easily. Rob [Milley] and I had been chatting for a while and eventually got together with the songs he had been working on and we started to plot out arrangements and goals for the project. We eventually sought out Tommy [McKinnon] and Oli [Pinard] and took it out of the infancy stage and brought it to a full-fledged project. Pretty well all of the early arrangements have been built upon as a four-piece and we are feeling real good about the material.

TAOM: Even though we’re all hearing about Akurion now, apparently you formed in 2012. How ancy were you to get your material to the masses?

MD: Damn, I suppose it has been that long since we had sat down with the initial ideas. It’s been a long and fruitful ride to get to the point of releasing “Yet Ye See Them Not.” It’s a very proud moment for us.

TAOM: The bands you individually are/were in (Cryptopsy, Neuraxis, Augury) sound nothing like Akurion. Is Akurion the outlet to use ideas that can’t be used for those bands?

MD: No I wouldn’t say that is the case. We never set out to be different than our earlier or current bands; I would say it was more a natural progression. The goal was to be as open as we wanted musically yet still maintaining a ferocious approach to riffing and arrangements.

TAOM: You also sound nothing like really any band out right now. Do you feel you’re on the path to reinventing metal?

MD: Haha, not sure if we are on that path but I can say that we like the direction we are heading in right now. It feels great to not have any boundaries set for ourselves. A new project means any style can come of it and we are capitalizing on an array of ideas that we are comfortable in experimenting with. We will never lose the heavy side of things but we do want to mix it up with the use of multiple instruments that will enable us to tell a different story through them.

TAOM:Yet Ye See Them Not” is your first single and got an overwhelmingly positive response. Will we expect that overall sound with all of your material? Or is the single something special and you’ll blow us away even more when the album is released?

MD: I would say the other eight songs that will be on the album are in the same vein. We added a lot of texture to the songs but we also allow them to breathe. For sure we are pleased with the response thus far. Now we need to buckle down and prepare to record the album.

TAOM: Speaking of the release of the début album, what details can you give us?

MD: Our goal is to record the album live. No trigs, few overdubs, keep it organic and earthy sounding. We want natural sounding drums and since Tommy adds plenty of nuances to his parts, we want all of that to shine through the mix. Aside from that, you can expect nine songs in total that should bring us to an hour or so worth of material. We do have a title…which I won’t be sharing right now:).

TAOM: What exactly does the name Akurion mean?

MD: Akurion is the name of a huge granite tidal marker that stands in the center of a lake in an H. P. Lovecraft short story called “The Doom That Came to Sarnath.” We felt it was such a strong name and jumped on it.

TAOM: Will this just be a recording band? Or should we expect live performances and even touring?

MD: We are not looking for shows and are definitely not interested in touring. As it stands, this is a studio project.

TAOM: Overall what are your expectations for the band? Do you hope it’s the biggest thing to happen to metal? Or is this just a fun project?

MD: For us, it is music first. We wrote these songs because we enjoy the process of creating something out of nothing and if folks enjoy it along the way then great. We certainly want to share what we have been up to but by no means are we doing this for notoriety or praise. If our music somehow manages to find its way into people’s lives then we are all for that.

TAOM: Last question: message to fans? Or something you want to say to prospective fans?

MD: Hope you dig the tunes and help keep metal alive! Special thanks to The Age of Metal for giving us the opportunity to spread our message and music.

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