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Death Angel – The Bay Calls for Blood (2015)


Death Angel - The Bay Calls For Blood - Live In San Francisco - Artwork

If there’s one time I would pick to see Death Angel, it would be performing in their hometown of San Francisco. But until then, I have their live album! This release with the clever title of The Bay Calls for Blood is the ultimate live release. Combining the material of the heart-racing thrashers with a solid live set is as good as a live album can get. The vast majority of songs they perform are off their 2013 release The Dream Calls for Blood, and I’ll say right now I wish they offered more variety with their older material. But the songs that were featured definitely sent the crowd into annihilation!

The intensity increases with Fallen. The crunching drums sound clear over the catchy riffs, making the live experience even awesome over audio. Whether the individual Death Angel crowd-goer has a forte of head-banging or moshing, all thrash fanatics can be satisfied with a song such as this played live.

The title track of their newest album, The Dream Calls for Blood, is by far the heaviest of their live set. I personally think neo-Death Angel is much more vigorous than their past material. The heavy thrash-influence is met with chanting and perfect falsettos, but hearing the rumbling of the crowd over the swift guitars and drums makes this jam sound heavier than it was originally imagined.

Detonate is by far the most mosh-worthy song that Death Angel ever wrote. The crushing riffs and hard drumming will provoke violence in anyone. I can imagine looking overhead and seeing the crowd destroying each other. The iconic song Bored is obviously the most fun on the album; the song itself evokes a feel-good energy that engulfs the masses.

Caster Of Shame sounds equivalent to a ravaging monster consuming hordes of people; an image similar to this is how I picture the guys of Death Angel approaching the crowd, their ferocious soloing being the thing to eat the crowd alive.

I can’t think of a more perfect song to end the set with than Territorial Instinct – Bloodlust. The menacing solos pierce the flesh, and even the live album mimics the experience of feeling each note biting into skin. This isn’t simply a song you mosh to; it’s a song where you stand, dumbfounded by the nightmare that charges in front of you. As the song fades, you hear the crowd exploding in cheering and continuously chanting “Death Angel!” until the song’s end.

It’s obvious that Death Angel isn’t a band you want to miss out on. Their live set contains both passion and aggression, qualities that’s difficult for bands to obtain. Like I mentioned before, I wish they played more material off of their older albums. But the newer material is definitely solid. The Death Angel fan receives the perfect mix of the wrathful energy annexed with the apex of their live set. And that’s all any thrash band can ask!

4 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★☆



Left for Dead
Buried Alive
The Dream Calls for Blood
Execution — Don’t Save Me
Caster of Shame
Territorial Instinct — Bloodlust

Genre: Thrash Metal

Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Playing Time: 48 Minutes


Rob Cavestany – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Mark Osegueda – Vocals
Ted Aguilar – Rhythm Guitar
Will “Beastman” Carroll – DrumsDamien Sisson – Bass



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