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Death Angel plays Club Red (Mesa, AZ 10/28/16)



On Friday, October 28, Death Angel played a headlining show at Club Red in Mesa, AZ. It was the third to last date of their two-month-long tour with Slayer and Anthrax. As much as I would have loved to see Slayer and Anthrax play, I was happy that this was one of Death Angel‘s headlining night so they had a longer set. I’ve seen them live twice before and always love seeing them.

Unfortunately, since it was the Friday before Halloween, and many people were having parties, it wasn’t as crowded of a show as it should have been. Everyone that did come though were dedicated fans that were ready to have a good time. After a much-anticipated wait, Death Angel came on stage and started the show off with the intro of The Ultra-Violence and then moved into Evil Priest. They were amazing as always and put on a show that I could never get tired of watching. As you watch them on stage interacting with each other and the crowd you can really see how much they enjoy playing and how dedicated they are to their fans.

Part way into the show someone bought the band a round of shots that they paused to drink and thank everyone. While it might not have been the biggest show, everyone there was excited and having a great time. Mark Osegueda, the vocalist, sings with so much energy and passion that he’s definitely become one of my favorite singers to see live.Their set for the night consisted mostly of songs from their more recent albums The Dream Calls For Blood, Relentless Retribution, and The Evil Divide and included Claws In So Deep, Left For Dead, Son of the Morning, Father of Lies, Caster of Shame, Lost, and The Moth.

They also played a couple older ones like Mistress of Pain, Thrown to the Wolves, and Seemingly Endless Time. After the last song of the set, nobody wanted the show to end and started chanting Death Angel until the band decided to play an encore of 3rd Floor that everyone went crazy for. After the show ended, the fans were invited to stay and help celebrate Rob Cavestany‘s birthday which was the next day on the 29th.

This was definitely one of the best shows I’ve been to in a while and I always love seeing Death Angel live. They’re amazing musicians that consistently put on an awesome show that I would encourage everyone to see the next time they have a show near you.


*Full Gallery below by Sarah Ciuffetelli Photography*


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