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Deals Death – Point Zero Solution (2013)


Out of the fiery pits of hell comes Deals Death. Actually from Sweden the Melodic Death Metal band has released their new album titled Point Zero Solution.  Finally a band that captures your attention.  With the body of the Manowar mascot and the vocals of what sounds like a mixture of Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir) & Alexi Laiho (COB) with a hint of a thrash influence we get Olle Ekman as our front man.  I’d say this very versatile style, with melodic elements with a dark undertone, they have managed to create brutal beautiful music. The band has been around a short time but sure does leave a lasting impression.

A very dreary heavy intro for the title track Point Zero Solution starts things off.  When first listening to the track I felt like I was sold once I heard the vocals.  The background orchestrations addd more depth to the track. Passion for Infinity has a very elegant sounding piano intro that made the song sound so angelic.  When bands add pianos into the mix I believe it creates a dark romantic atmosphere.  This song might be a little less intense than the rest but it’s very powerful and pleasing to the ears. Author of Arts closed the album off well, it was very strong and the vocals were harsh, very enjoyable.

The album has many mesmerizing guitar rifts over all I really enjoyed their style.  Now some might say it does remind them of other bands but if you listen closely you can distinguish that they have created their own sound and being able to point out different characteristics that they have incorporated from other bands has is awesome. Deals Death has a prominent future and hearing this makes me excited for their future work.  I believe that there are few bands like this and just after hearing their album I know all first timers out there will become a fan.

Track List

01. Point Zero Solution
02. Facing The Echoes
03. Escalation
04. Flatline
05. Passion For Infinity
06. The Separation
07. Paramount Authority
08. Beyond Reason
09. Dark Dream Dawn
10. Back To Consciousness
11. Author Of Arts

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Label: Spinefarm Records

Playing time: 42:52

Line up:

Olle Ekman – Vocals

Erik Jacobson – Guitar

Sebastian Myrén – Guitar

Fredrik Ljung – Bass

Janne Jaloma – Drums


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