Apr 19

De Profundis – The Emptiness Within (2013)



Hailing from the UK, De Profundis are back again with their newest album called The Emptiness Within. In their humble beginnings they started off playing doom metal but over time they have moved forward into playing a type of melodic technical death metal. With this album De Profundis have created a solid album filled with many textures and very well executed instrumentals.

The album starts off From The Depths…, a one minute intro that is somewhat typical for any band these days trying to make it epic. After the intro comes the first real song Delirium. Delirium begins with an interesting melodic riff and continues it until a tremolo riff kicks in. At the 3 minute mark is where it gets interesting for the 7 minute song as much of the instrumentals get cut off in favour for an acoustic passage with a very groovy bass line. De Profundis shows off their instrumentals very well as it is standard when you play in the progressive style. One noticeable thing about De Profundis is their sound heralds back to the early 90s when Technical death metal was beginning to rise in bands like Cynic or Atheist. Instrumentally the guys are top-notch and especially the bass player with his fantastic bass lines recalling Tony Choy of Atheist fame at times really give De Profundis that extra edge that most extreme bands don’t have. Both of the guitarists play their instruments very well ranging from fast tremolo picking to heavy chugs to acoustic passages and are not afraid to give each other time to shine. Because of the nature of the music in De Profundis the drums have to be tight and on The Emptiness Within they shine very well to accommodate the bass and guitars. For their vocals they are well executed but nothing special from other growlers in the technical death metal style.

   De Profundis’s The Emptiness Within is a well executed release and fans of Cynic and Atheist will definitely get a kick out of this album.



1. From The Depths… (intro)
2. Delirium
3. Silent Gods
4. This Wretched Plague
5. Twisted Landscapes
6. Release
7. Dead Inside
8. Parallel Existence (instrumental)
9. Unbroken (A Morbid Embrace)

Genre: Technical/Melodic Death Metal

Label: Kolony Records

Playing Time: 55 minutes




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