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David Sanchez of Havok discussed NAMM 2015, and touring 38 countries on a single year.



Havok is a band that have gone from being a local band to a national act, then to a full international recognized act. I still remember them from a being the support band of Hammerfall back in 2010, to tour side by side with Soulfly a couple of years back. Havok‘s sound forms part of the modern wave of thrash metal that exploded after the 2000’s along with Warbringer, Municipal Waste, Evile & Lost Society.

Havok, is the perfect example of a hard-working band that understands how the music business works nowadays, first they released their latest album Unnatural Selection in 2013, did some promotional tour, and during the whole 2014 they toured the world visiting an impressive record of 38 countries. If that is not having a good eye for business, I don’t know what that is really.

But after all that touring schedule, what this Denverians do? you might think, go out and tour some more perhaps? but the reality is they are in the early stages of writing their upcoming album that will be recorded later this year and it will be their first with Century Media Records who signed them last year.

Recently we had the chance to chat with guitar player and founder member of Havok, David Sánchez, we talked about the band’s experience at NAMM 2015, their touring experiences in 2014, the writing process of their new album, and their signing with Century Media Records.



David Sanchez of Havok on touring 38 countries in a single year by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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