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Dave & Stefano of Savage Messiah discussed The Fateful Dark



I came across Savage Messiah a couple of years back when they released the Plague Of Conscience album, It was interesting to hear their material at that time. But once I got my hands on their upcoming album The Fateful Dark, they totally blew my mind this time around. Their riffs are like a blast from the past, it felt like 1985 all over again.

This new album has a whole Megadeth, meets Iron Maiden, meets Metallica kind of vibe going on? Songs like Inquisition & Minority Of One are just the perfect blend of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) and Thrash Metal, the melody in this songs is so rich and well-balanced between the genres that definitely makes a great first impression.

Savage Messiah, contrary to their other young counterparts like Evile or Warbringer has more roots on NWOBHM and uses thrash metal to bring more punch and lift up their sound. An example of it is the guitar parts on Live As One Already Dead, which are a mix between Adrian Smith & Kirk Hammet‘s guitar sound. The voice of Dave Silver while is quite unique, has a certain tone, that reminiscences to a younger Dave Mustaine. The music on this album is aggressive, while keeping an emotional vibe going on between songs. Savage Messiah is a band worth to look out, and definitely check out their new album The Fateful Dark once it gets released next month.

While making preparations for NAMM last month, I got an email asking if I would it like to do a feature interview with Dave Silver (voice & guitar), and Stefano Selvatico (bass guitar) while in Anaheim, as they were going to be at NAMM too. Without hesitation, I said yes. After hearing that album I needed to know more about it. So I meet up with Dave & Stefano, and we talked about The Fateful Dark, the influences for this record, working with Scott Attkins again, and what were they plans for 2014.

Savage Messiah Mini UK tour 2014

Feb. 25 – London, UK – Borderline
Mar. 05 – York, UK – Fibbers
Mar. 07 – Manchester, UK – Sound Control
Mar. 08 – Wolverhampton, UK – Slade Roo



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