Oct 22

Dark Tranquillity – Zero Distance EP (2012)


Dark Tranquillity is one of the pioneers of what today we know as Melodic Death Metal, you know that movement from Gothenburg, Sweden that emerged in the early 90’s with bands like At The Gates, In Flames and of course Dark Tranquillity.

Zero Distance is a five track EP that came out on the tour edition of the band’s latest album We Are The Void (2010) in Europe. The EP opens with Zero Distance a very catchy song rooted in the traditional melodic death metal that they created. However, this song is really progressive in its own way, a change that puts a nice touch to the EP. Out Of Gravity in the other hand is more of a dense and complex song, full of amazing atmospheric keyboards that fits perfectly with the kind of distortion the band uses on their guitar playing. Star Of Nothingness, is an instrumental and very peaceful track that works as a bridge between the first part of the EP and its conclusion.

To Where Fires Cannot Feed, is one of the most heavy but at the same time kind of doomish songs on the EP, with really dense parts followed by fast and heavy riffs, and of course the devilish voice of Mikael Stainne which is kind of emotional on this song. The Bow And The Arrow is a really dark song that it feels like pulled out of a Tim Burton’s movie, I bet it could it work perfectly on some scenes of Nightmare Before Christmas. A very cold and at the same time bombastic song.

Zero Distance is just an appetizer of what Dark Tranquillity can deliver. Easily if they add three songs more it could make a great new album. But as the band mentioned recently it seems we might have that pretty soon. For now Zero Distance is the perfect musical piece to keep us wishing for more, and awaiting the new material from the melodic death metal masters.


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