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Dark Tranquillity – Construct (2013)


   Press_Cover_17Being a band for more than 20 years can a most frustrating thing but it’s even more when that band is one of the pioneering acts in the Melodic Death Metal realm like Dark Tranquillity. Nine albums under their belt they are back again in 2013 for their newest offering Construct. With Construct Dark Tranquillity has released their most diverse album since Projector and continues to hold the flame high for Melodic Death Metal despite their many contemporaries leaving the genre.

When Projector came out in 1999 it marked a new era for Dark Tranquillity. We saw them experiment with different elements from electronic music to gothic metal. One of the major turn point for them was the inclusion of clean vocals from vocalist Mikael Stanne. Every release after Projector we have seen them adding something new to their sound and progressing into something that still resembles Melodic Death Metal but is different than normal. Now with Construct we see Dark Tranquillity progressing their sound yet again. When their album Fiction came out we saw them again employ clean singing and in some songs employ a more gothic feel to them. When We Are the Void came out Dark Tranquillity started to go a little stale in that album compared to Fiction. Not to say that We Are the Void was a bad album because it wasn’t but it was a bit of a step backwards and not as good as Fiction. We Are the Void didn’t have the same punch and many of the songs sounded the same or very much album filler. With Construct they went back and added elements not seen from them in long while and continue to push their sound further.

The first track For Broken Words starts the album a bit strange as the structure is a bit linear but flows well and adds much dark atmosphere. With the second track The Science of Noise it sounded like a lost child off of We Are the Void. Uniformity is where we see Mikael Stanne first use his clean vocals in the chorus but utilising his growls for the verse. When The Silence In Between hits we see the Melodic Death metal side come to play with melodic riffs and the venomous vocals in the forefront. Apathetic is where Dark Tranquillity again goes back in time with a thrashy riff that has not been seen in a while. What Only You Know shows a emotional side to them with a beautiful clean vocal line but still has the heavy quality intact. Endtime Hearts is again a bit of a strange song with an interesting atmosphere in the background. State of Trust we see again the clean vocals and a very interesting structure to the song. Weight of the End continues on the sound Dark Tranquillity made clear earlier in Construct but again adding a little bit of a twist. None Becoming is probably the most “epic” song on the album with a powerful atmosphere and it being the last makes for an excellent closer.

With Construct has taken their brand of Melodic Death Metal and adding other elements all while keeping in it’s essence the style that made them unique and different from their contemporaries. They have come a long way from their early days and have progressed into a band pushing their limits and seeking new ideas while maintaining their sound.



01. For Broken Words
02. The Science Of Noise
03. Uniformity
04. The Silence In Between
05. Apathetic
06. What Only You Know
07. Endtime Hearts
08. State Of Trust
09. Weight Of The End
10. None Becoming

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Label: Century Media Records

Playing Time: 42 minutes



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