Feb 05

Danny & Mike of 4Arm checked in with The Age Of Metal



Australia is well known because of things like, AC/DC, The Sydney Opera, Kangaroos, Koalas and Forsters just to name a few. But what about if I tell you that they also produce badass thrash metal?. Well they do, and the living proof of that is, 4Arm, a quartet heading from Melbourne that is currently supporting Testament in their The Dark Roots of Thrash tour 2013 here in North America.

When I start researching about this band, I really didn’t know what to expect. But once I hear their new album Submission For Liberty, I was sold. Really tight, unadulterated thrash metal that can would make you jump right into the pit. The band started back in 2004, and after almost 10 years they have released 3 studio albums, and tour Australia with the likes of Destruction and Testament. This eventually took them to play alongside of Metallica, Anthrax and Black Sabbath at the European festivals last year.

Their show here at Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ was really good for an opening band, and more for a band that not too many people knew about. They played some songs from their new album like Submission For Liberty, The Oppressed, Raise A Fist, and Taken Down to name a few. The crowd headbanged, moshed and had a good warm up with 4Arm before the main event.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to chat with Danny (guitar/vocals) and Mike (drums) of 4Arm hours before their show here in Tempe, AZ last weekend. We talked about the tour, the experience, their sound, Submission For Glory, and their future plans.


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