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Cryptopsy – The Best of Us Bleed (2012)


Since the early 90’s Canada’s very own Cryptopsy has redefined the sound and essence of technical death metal.  20 years and 7 Studio albums later its about time we get a collection of their best & finest most brutal songs.  Hand picked this new great compilation album called “The Best of Us Bleed,” contains 2 discs featuring 16 songs each of their best work.  The album show cases their past album songs, with live versions and 3 exclusive studio tracks from 2011.  The cds go through their career demonstrating their vast growth as a band through line up changes and style progressions by featuring songs with 4 different vocalists throughout their career.

After carefully listening to all 32 tracks it’s clearly evident that all the songs on the albums are truly their best work.  What could be better than 2 & a half hours and more of incredibly ruthless death metal.  The songs take you on a musical journey through the band’s career and reminds you of every incredible song from their various albums.  The tracks jump around from different album in no set order creating the effect of flow through time.

There are definitely some songs that clearly stick out on the album because their nothing less than brutal.  on the first disc  “Silence The Tyrants” (The Unspoken King, 2008) which features Matt McGachy on vocal duty.  It’s still a great song 4 years later since its debut after Matt replaced Lord Worm.  The song is still insane and as fans might remember when the track reaches 2:20 min its slows down with a very calm piano playing lightly in the background.  This song showed how widely range the band can take their songs.  Carrionshine,”  “The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness” (Psalm 91: 5-8) (Once Was Not, 2005) these two tracks feature Lord Worm who had a more gritty death metal vocals.   “The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness” has a very dark beginning where Lord Worm talks in clean vocals which gave the track a more evil sound.  Now moving back through their career to the track  We Bleed” (And Then You’ll Beg 2000),  is one of their more heavy tracks on the album.  Emaciate” (Whisper Supremacy 1998) is the last track off the first disk & has to be the most brutal in your face intro which featured the crazy vocals of Mike DiSalvo.

 “Phobophile” (None So Vile) who every thought death metal could sound so beautiful.  With a dark and piano introduction mixed in with low death metal vocals and high black metal influenced screams this has to be one of the best tracks on the second disk.  Every fan has their own preference on what vocalist they loved, but personally Lord Worm was amazing.  This song is off their second album from 1998 and you can hear many musical style influences in it.  Chaos, insanity, speed and the feeling of loss of equilibrium is only the beginning to “Blasphemy Made Flesh” which is off the 1st album Blasphemy Made Flesh.  The second disc also includes 7 live versions of songs which are always a great on best of albums because they can transport you to a specific, date, time & concert experience that can never be recreated.  Nothing beats hearing the fans scream, chant, sing along and the sound of a live band.  Close your eyes and you can envision the stage and crowd with all eyes forward watching Cryptopsy kill it on stage and a massacre in the pit.  Also included are 4 rehearsal tracks which are raw untamed magic to the ears.  The tracks sound like their playing behind you in a studio you made in your garage.  It’s an awesome touch that reminds you that great death metal can be appreciated in its own very organic way.  The whole 32 song compilation really is incredible, it jumps from album to album reminding you how great and different they really are.  Throughout their career their sound has changed because of new influences and new frontmen, but all in all they have kept to their roots of death metal but experimenting and revolutionizing their style proving to the world that you can step out of the box.  For those Cryptopsy fans out there, go get “The Best of Us Bleed,” you’ll love it.

Track List: (personal picks*)

Disk 1

01. Boden
02. A Graceful Demise
03. Holodomor
04. Oh My Fucking God*
05. Worship Your Demons
06. Silence The Tyrants
07. The Headsmen
08. Carrionshine
09. The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness (Psalm 91: 5-8)**
10. Endless Cemetery
11. We Bleed
12. Soar And Envision Sore Vision
13. Voice Of Unreason
14. Cold Hate, Warm Blood
15. White Worms
16. Emaciate

Disk 2

01. Phobophile**
02. Slit Your Guts
03. Crown Of Horns
04. Defenestration
05. Abigor
06. Open Face Surgery (live)
07. Graves Of The Fathers / Drum Solo (live)
08. Shroud (live)
09. Born Headless (live)
10. Slit Your Guts (live)
11. Cold Hate, Warm Blood (live)
12. We Bleed (live)
13. White Worms (rehearsal)
14. Loathe (rehearsal)
15. Depths You’ve Fallen (rehearsal)
16. Cold Hate, Warm Blood (rehearsal)

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