Jul 29

Crucified Barbara – The Midnight Chase (2012)


It has been a while since I had the time to enjoy an all girl metal band, I think since Warlock or Girlschool or even The Runaways, until I listened to  Crucified Barbara. A quartet of gorgeous and talented musicians that since their formation in 1998 they have created kick ass heavy metal. But it was until 2005 that they released their first album In Distortion We Trust an album full of 80’s sound that reminiscence the “Sunset Strip” golden era of heavy metal. In 2009 they released Til Dead Do Us Party a more heavy record within the same style of music, but more on the vein of a Motörhead sound.

This year Crucified Barbara unleashed their third studio album The Midnight Chase a very sleazy and raw album, that opens with The Crucifier a sharp song full of powerful riffs, and fast guitar solos. Shut Your Mouth is a furious track and one of my favorite out this album, the voice of Mia Coldheart is just amazing, and in your face. Into The Fire is a bluesy song, very catchy, that has a hint of 50’s rock and roll on it. Rules and Bones is a soft song with a bit of the alternative sound of the 90’s that reminds me of the Seattle grunge sound.

Everything You Need is a rock and roll song, the lyrics are about the glory of rock and the rebellious essence of it. If I Hide gives the album a more hard rock perspective that captures a more easy listening sound, the guitar work on this track is just perfect. Rock Me Like The Devil, is one of those sexy songs that it just gives you the chills when is played by gorgeous women. Kid From The Upperclass is a track that keeps a steady tempo very enjoyable with a really angry set of lyrics.

The title track of the album The Midnight Chase is full of sludge metal influence, at first it can be confused with a stoner metal song type Orange Goblin, but I guess is just one more of the experimental sounds that Crucified Barbara tried out on this album. Count Me In is the power ballad on the album, a nice semi acoustic sound that gives a twist to Coldheart‘s voice. Rise And Shine closes the album with a full force of metal riffs, that packs the attitude that this album have.

Crucified Barbara with The Midnight Chase moves forward in their search of a sound that break them apart from the rest of hard rock bands. While experimenting with various guitar sounds, the diversity of the songs within the album, and the unique voice of Mia Coldheart made of it a kick ass record, totally worth to check out.


01. The Crucifier
02. Shut Your Mouth
03. Into The Fire
04. Rules And Bones
05. Everything We Need
06. If I Hide
07. Rock Me Like The Devil
08. Kid From The Upperclass
09. The Midnight Chase
10. Count Me In
11. Rise And Shine


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