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Crucified Barbara – In The Red (2014)



In 2012, Crucified Barbara shocked the world with their album The Midnight Chase, which was a combination of straight heavy metal and aggressive lyrics. With that album the band was able to visit places like Brazil, and their first ever North American tour. In 2014, the Swedish ladies of Crucified Barbara return with In The Red, a new album, and a new heavy metal story. 

In The Red opens with a couple heavy songs (musically & lyrically speaking). I Sell My Kids For Rock ‘N’ Roll & To Kill A Man, these two songs are musically an evolution in the trademark style that Crucified Barbara has been working on since their début album In Distortion We Trust (2005). Not only their sound is heavier, but also if feels stronger and crispier.

Don’t Call On Me & Electric Sky are by far the catchiest songs in the record, Electric Sky, has a Judas Priest vibe going on, an a really great job in guitars by Mia and Kiara that showcase their skills and how much they have grown musically. Don’t Call On Me, Is definitely one of the most melodic songs in the album, is almost a rock and roll ballad on steroids.

The title track of the album, In The Red brings us back to the explosive and angry sound of the band, really punching and heavy at the same time. Lunatic #1, keeps turning up the volume of the album to a more dirty rock and roll sound that has this dark guitar section that reminds me to Black Sabbath for some reason. Shadows, finished the heavy section of the album with a classic Crucified Barbara sound, full of really dirty guitar riffs, loud vocals, and hard drumming sections.

Finders Keepers, Do You Want Me & Follow The Stream, are songs that carry this 70’s rock sound, really big guitar distortions, and melodic drums. It’s almost like they were trying to fit into that whole new wave of 70’s rock (you know, bands like Scorpion Child, Kadavar and Ghost), the only difference is that the sound of Crucified Barbara has been forged in Rock ‘n Roll for such long time, that it come natural to create songs like this for them, and it fits them so natural.

If The Midnight Chase was the higher musical achievement that Crucified Barbara got two years ago, In The Red just topped that, and raised 200% more the level of the Swedish ladies. This album is without a doubt, a must have on any rock and roll lover’s collection, and I am sure, In The Red will definitely fight hard to get a spot in the top best 10 lists of 2014.



1. I Sell My Kids For Rock’N’Roll
2. To Kill A Man
3. Electric Sky
4. The Ghost Inside
5. Don’t Call On Me
6. In The Red
7. Lunatic #1
8. Shadows
9. Finders Keepers
10. Do You Want Me
11. Follow The Stream

Genre: Rock ‘n’ Roll / Heavy Metal

Record Label: Dezpots Records

Playing time: 40 Minutes

Line Up:

Mia Coldheart – Vocals, guitar
Klara Force – Guitar, backing vocals
Ida Evileye – Bass
Nicki Wicked – Drums, backing vocals



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