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Cradle of Filth – Manticore And Other Horrors (2012)


From the dreary rainy streets of England Black Metal Band Cradle of Filth latest album is “Manticore & Other Horrors,”  this is the bands 10th studio album.  The malevolent sounding band has been around since 1991 and 21 years later their fans are still eager to await what new sound this album will bring.

A dark piano ominous sound is how the record starts with the titled intro “The Unveiling of O.”   The first track off the album “The Abhorrent,” starts off heavy with one of Dani’s screams which seems very promising.  After continuing to listening to the song its safe to say Cradle of Filth is back in the right direction not repeating a “Thornography,” style of an album but trying to get back to their roots.  Now considering this is the bands 10th studio album you can tell a difference in Dani’s voice.  It’s not as shrill and evil as it us to be; his tone has changed but non the less it still sounds great.  The next two tracks off the album are very mindful of speed and horror.  In a classic Cradle style they try to implement background screams of terror which always are the perfect touch to any song.  The titled track song off the album “Manticore,” is a good song off the album which really makes you realize how much the band has changed and evolved over the years.

“Huge Onyx Wings Behind Despair,” is definitely a song that reminds you of the old days when Cradle of Filth songs were much more intricate and heavy with Dani’s high pitch vocals.  Although we don’t get to hear too many of his infamous high scream which is a reason why most of us fell in love with him as a vocalist; it’s a song that has been done well.  “Pallid Reflection,” is actually a pretty killer track off the album. Personally loved how they incorporated a choir in some of the parts of the song.  While getting towards the last few tracks of the album you can feel the vibe and energy change-up.  All the songs start off with much more speed than the rest which all fans will enjoy.  Finally the album comes to a close with a very delicate piano outro  “Sinfonia.”

In the past two decades that Cradle of Filth has been around their career has changed and developed in many different ways.  When they first started out everyone like I have mentioned before, fans fell in love with them after the release of “Cruelty and the Beast,” (1998) and then they really solidified their career with the “Midian” (2000).  After that their new direction was very upsetting to many fans as the release of “Thornography,”  (2006) it was a completely different style that old fans seemed to despise.  Later they came out with “Godspeed On the Devil’s Thunder,” (2008) & “Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa,” (2010) which were headed in a better direction since Thornography really impacted their career in not the most positive way in fans eyes.  It’s awesome to say that “Manticore & Other Horrors,” is a great album.  Being a fan of them over the years and seeing the many new directions their career took in the late 2000’s this album is geared towards trying to go back to the better days when they were great.  Now it has been just about 21 years since they first began and you can hear the difference in the recording and especially Dani’s voice.  But still its awesome to know they understand what the fans want in regards of what style we like.  To all loyal fans out there you should pick up a copy of the album you’ll enjoy it.

 Track List (personal picks*)

1. The Unveiling of O

2. The Abhorrent*

3. For Your Vulgar Delectation*

4. Illicitus

5. Manticore

6. Frost On Her Pillow

7. Huge Onyx Wings Behind Despair

8. Pallid Reflection**

9. Siding With The Titans*

10. Succumb To This*

11. Sinfonia

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