Aug 19

Corey Brandan of Norma Jean Talked to The Age of Metal



For the longest time, I wasn’t a fan of Norma Jean. They weren’t bad per se; they just weren’t for me. And then I heard some of the stuff off of their newest record Wrongdoers. It brings back a lot of the math-metal of Botch mixed with the groove of bands like Every Time I Die and it’s just so good.

 Also, notable is that this is the most peculiar band of all on the Summer Slaughter bill, even considering the spastic nature of The Dillinger Escape Plan and the post-metal of The Ocean. This only serves to make them more compelling: how will the crowd react to the new music from a metalcore staple not sounding too much like metalcore?

Their new album Wrongdoers presents itself as a rendition of precision and technicality on a post-hardcore environment. But their energy, and their extreme vision is what made them fit the bill of this year’s Summer Slaughter tour. With songs like ‘Anthems Of The Angry Brides‘, ‘If You Got A Five You Got A Fifty‘, & ‘A Small Spark vs. A Great Forest‘ they showed the crowd of this Summer Slaughter that they had passed that metalcore phase towards something more elaborated.

We had the opportunity to talk to Cory Brandan of Norma Jean about this change on the record, as well as the impact of over half of the band being made up of new members and how this has changed them as a whole.


Interview with Cory Brandan of Norma Jean by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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