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Coffins – The Fleshland (2013)



Filthy and disdainful, those are two words that come to mind when The Fleshland LP opens itself up and begins to lay waste before you even know what hit you. Coffins, who have been together for over a decade, are putting out consistently punishing albums that are reminiscent of Hellhammer meets Autopsy with a dash of Asphyx (and even a touch of Entombed). This latest release is no different, the  infectious vocals of Uchino, Ryo, and Koreeda mix together like violently ill singers, spewing vomit all over all who come within their path. Every track on this album leaves the stench of blood in the air and the taste of human flesh in the mouth.

One of the most memorable tracks on the album is the second song, ‘Hellbringer’. Opening with a vicious scream from the bowels of the human throat, it explodes almost instantly as the heat rises from the floor and dirty repugnance fills the ears. The drums bang and crash, reminiscent of what is most loved about what hardcore and grind consistently bring to the table. Combined with the death metal/doomy feel that the band encompasses in general, this song is sure to crush and burn its way into the skin.

‘No Saviour’ is one of those tracks that act as a residual nightmare in the mind long after it has reached its end. I found myself air drumming to it subconsciously hours after first listens, without even realizing I was doing so. The sludgy evil and unnerving sound of the song as a whole mates itself with the singing sound of the guitar, playing a song of death and decay, echoing in and around the track like a procession of mourning.  The galloping sound of the drums, indicative of battle sounds, carries the track onward into the battle that is the rest of the album.

From there songs like ‘The Vacant Pale Vessel’ take a person to the gates of the underworld. You can almost see a Cerberus or two, three headed hellhounds snarling at you from behind the gates as you get forcefully thrown into a world of chaotic pandemonium. The vocals are raucous and harsh, helping prepare not only the rotting meat of the song itself, but also the violent imagery that comes to mind while listening. This one isn’t for the faint of heart, and that’s why it’s so malevolent yet incorrigibly pleasing.

‘Dishuman’ is a track that has something for everyone in love with extreme genres. From the hardcore punk style of the drumming to the riffs that are a re-experiencing of Swedish influenced death metal, this song really gets into the mind. The doomy/sludgy feel coats the song throughout, putting together an volatile finished product that’ll make the hairs on the neck stand up as dread sets in. (And the fact that it lays on a cushion of d-beat deliciousness only adds to the appeal).

The Fleshland LP will not disappoint. Out on Relapse records on July 9th; be sure to pick this one up. It’ll metaphorically vomit all over your mind and leave your bones crushed up, inhaled, and spit back out. No remorse left behind and no apologies necessary. Let Coffins infect you (because let’s face it, they’re going to anyways).

Oh yeah and P.S., if you haven’t checked out their earlier releases, do so. There’s plenty more where this came from!


Track listing:

  1. Here Comes Perdition
  2. Hellbringer
  3. The Colossal Hole
  4. No Saviour
  5. The Vacant Pale Vessel
  6. Rotten Disciples
  7. Dishuman
  8. The Unhallowed Tide
  9. Tormentopia

Genre: Doom/Death Metal

Record Label: Relapse Records

Playing Time: 45 minutes


Koreeda – Bass, vocals
Ryo – Vocals
Uchino – Guitars, vocals
Satoshi – Drums



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