Nov 27

Cloudkicker – Let Yourself Be Huge (2011)


Ben “Cloudkicker” Sharp is far from what one would expect to be a successful artist. He releases his music on Bandcamp (which you can download for the low low price of free), doesn’t tour, and holds a day job. Yet his music has generated quite a significant amount of buzz and has even helped him buy stuff to further it. His 2010 effort, Beacons, was on my top albums list that year. How does this album fare?

First off, this is way way different from anything he’s done under the Cloudkicker banner. Even though it’s written structurally similar (looped segments of songs getting continuously fleshed out throughout the song) it’s still nothing like Beacons. This album is far mellower.

With that in mind, this album proves that Mr. Sharp can write just about anything he wants and it’ll probably turn out great. The album is, in a word, beautiful. The song You and Yours (released last Christmas and ironically the heaviest track on the album) is a great example of Mr. Sharp writing anything he wants and it coming out great. But all of this pales in comparison to the title track, Let Yourself Be Huge. It marks the first time that there are vocals in a Cloudkicker song, and most importantly Mr. Sharp loops it as he would loop any of the instruments. This means that there’s one line of lyrics throughout the entire song but it really works. It really does.

In closing, if you’re looking for some awesome heavy djent masterpiece, get that thought out of your head immediately. If you have any doubts about Cloudkicker being any less great, get those out too. You’re seriously missing out on how good this album is if you’re just looking for another heavy album. This album is fantastic. If you like any of the stuff off of Let Yourself Be Huge, I highly recommend checking out his B. M. Sharp project. It’s similar to this.

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