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Clémentine Delauney of Serenity spoke with The Age Of Metal at Metal Female Voices Festival XI in Belgium



Serenity is one of those bands that keep developing their style and sound as they adapt themselves to line up changes. it’s not doubt that Death And Legacy has a different feeling than War of Ages, as the voice of Clémentine Delauney not only fits the music, but her duets with Georg Neuhauser give life to the stories behind the lyrics.

War Of Ages was a more delicate and epic album than Death And Legacy, but at the same time it fitted perfectly the band’s transition from a power metal sound to a more symphonic metal sound. The orchestral arrangements, the epicness of the lyrics, and the voice duos helped the album to become the door for a new chapter in the history of the band. A chapter that took them for the first time to the stage of Metal Female Voices Festival XI in Belgium last October.

Their show was a bit short but astonish nonetheless, they played old songs like Rust Of Coming Ages and Coldness Kills out of their Falling Sanctuary album, The Chevalier & Serenate Of Flames (Which featured Charlotte Wessels of Delain) out Death And Legacy, and new tunes like The Matricide, Wings Of Madness, and a piano version of Fairytales.

After their show at MFVF XI, The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with Clémentine Delauney vocalist of Serenity. We talked about the vocal changes of some of the songs, their experience at MFVF XI, War of Ages, and what is next for them.

Serenity live at Metal Female Voices Festival XI

War of Ages Over Europe Tour Part II
with Beyond The Bridge & Midriff

10.04.2014 AT – Innsbruck
11.04.2014 DE – München
12.04.2014 DE – Flensburg
13.04.2014 NL – Almelo
15.04.2014 DE – Frankfurt
16.04.2014 DE – Dortmund
17.04.2014 DE – Hamburg
18.04.2014 NL – Purmerend
19.04.2014 BE – Mons (PPM-Fest)
20.04.2014 AT – Vienna
21.04.2014 HU – Budapest


Interview with Clémentine Delauney of Serenity at Metal Female Voices Festival XI by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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