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Clemens Ardek of Carach Angren discussed touring, composing & 70000 Tons Of Metal.



Carach Angren is in the process to become the biggest ghoulish band out there, following the example of the black metal bands in the 90’s that imposed the use of corpse paint, and combining that with their horror symphonic metal style, Carach Angren had taken it to a next level where the music is so entwined with their stage presence that every live show becomes not only a concert but a theater play from hell.

Recently Carach Angren finished an extensive North American tour that started with two amazing shows at 70000 Tons Of Metal, including one at 5:30 am on the pool deck right before the sunset, which felt more like a scene of Nosferatu as they finished their set the crowd quickly scattered away from the sunlight. After traveling for almost 2 weeks and playing in different cities around the US with Fleshgod Apocalypse, we had the pleasure to see them one more time at Joe’s Grotto here in Phoenix, AZ.

Their show compared with the two sets aboard 70000 Tons was different and more intimate, maybe because we didn’t feel the rush of watch their show and quickly move into the next one, or take a nap and get up at 5:30 am to catch their set before crawling back to bed for a second nap, Their set was longer at Joe’s Grotto as we got to experience tracks like Lingering in an Imprint HauntingThere’s No Place Like HomeSpectral Infantry Battalions, and Bitte Tötet Mich. Their show was dark, grim and heavy as hell, definitely, you would never get tired of seeing this band live as they stage show is captivating as their music is. 

Before their set here in Phoenix, The Age Of Metal talked to Clemens Ardek keyboardist and composer of Carach Angren about their second US tour, their latest album This Is No Fairytale, his work as a composer on the Lindemman album and the upcoming Ex-Deo album, and, in general, Carach Angren‘s experience at 70000 Tons of Metal.

Pictures: Carach Angren at Joe’s Grotto (Phoenix, AZ 02/24/16)



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