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Church Of Misery – Thy Kingdom Scum (2013)


Church of Misery - Thy Kingdom Scum

Hailing from the great city of Tokyo Japan, long time Doom artist Church Of Misery unleash their latest slab of Doom/Sludge madness. Their 4th studio release in 12 years,  Thy Kingdom Scum on Rise Above Records/Metal Blade Records. A veritable wall of sound, big strong pounding drums, massive fuzz guitars, spacey/feedback guitar leads that border on the psychedelic, fuzz bass, plaintive in your face vocals, and interspersed audio samples of the various subjects of their songs they combine elements of stalwarts of Doom Metal such as Black Sabbath, Kyuss, and even a touch of Clutch.

Continuing with their tried and true formula of songs about serial killers and mass murderers, along with at least one cover song, in this case the Quartermass song One Blind Mice. It seems like a strange fascination with the subject matter at hand, but hey, it’s certainly a subject that has an endless amount of material to be mined from.  Though the band has seen quite the turnover in members, the one constant through the years, has been founding member and chief songwriter, Tatsu Mikami. This man has honed his skills as a songwriter, and with time has become more focused in his writing. It’s certainly displayed on this release as there isn’t a single song that I’d call “filler” type material.

Starting off with what I’d consider an instrumental, B.T.K. (the infamous “Bind,Torture,Kill” serial killer/mass murderer  from Wichita Kansas, Dennis Rader) we get the slow building rhythmic pounding of the kick and floor toms, joined with wah bass, echo guitar, and audio samples of the killer himself. Then the massive wall of fuzz guitar riffs start and seemingly never end. But as quickly as the song starts it abruptly ends and segues right into Lambs To The Slaughter, which is a song about what at the time were called the “Moors murders”. This song has a groove that reminds me of early Black Sabbath heavy blues.  Next is Brother Bishop, which comes out of the gate with this huge massive fuzz guitar rhythm that grooves along. Then we jump into the slow lumbering and eerie Cranley Gardens, which starts with British audio reporting from the time of the killings. The song is about Dennis Andrew Nilsen, who some have described as the British Jeffery Dahmer , due his method of killing and dismemberment of the victims bodies.Now we get to the cover tune, One Blind Mice. A song originally released in 1971 by progressive rockers, Quartermass.  It’s given the Church of Misery treatment and is played, surprisingly, in an upbeat tempo with  fuzz bass starting it all off, giving it a super fuzzed up, 60’s feel. Following this song is All Hallow’s Eve, which in turn shows more influence of Black Sabbath. The last song, and the longest cut on the cd is Düsseldorf Monster. Peter Kurten, who was known as the Vampire of Düsseldorf, is obviously someone whom the band is fascinated with, as the cd cover is his mugshot from 1931. The song has an ebb and flow of emotions, vocally and musically.

Overall, this is an excellent release by Church of Misery, that longtime fans should enjoy. This is also the perfect release from start to finish, for anyone wanting to jump into a slab of the Macabre…



  1.    B.T.K (Dennis Rader)
  2.    Lambs To The Slaughter (Ian Brady/Myra Hindley)
  3.    Brother Bishop (Gary Heidrek)
  4.    Cranley Gardens (Dennis Andrew Nilsen)
  5.    One Blind Mice (Quatermass cover)
  6.    All Hallow’s eve (John Linley Frazier)
  7.    Dusseldorf Monster (Peter Kurten)

Genre: Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal

Record Label: Rise Above Records/Metal Blade Records

Playing Time: 49:37

Band Lineup:

Tatsu Mikami (Bass)

Junji Narita (Drums)

Ikuma Kawabe (Guitars)

Hideki Fukasawa (Vocals, Synthesizers)




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