Aug 06

Chthonic – Takasago Army (2011)


Taiwan black metal geniuses Chthonic released their sixth studio album Takasago Army. An album more full of folk Chinese melodies, and is not that they haven’t done it before, but in this case the result is just astonish, not everyday we can listen to oriental melodies mixed with black metal, The album concept is the Taiwanese independence a political subject that the band has worked on for a while.


Takasago Army is indeed a masterpiece in its whole essence from the use of the Ehru (traditional chinese instrument) to the chinese chorus in the background. Is not doubt that Chthonic got recognition into the international a couple years back with the released of Mirror Of Retribution a more straight forward black metal album, but this new album represents something different not only because the high amount of oriental melodies, but also because of the album concept, which is more direct and express more clearly the position of the band without leaving aside their musical talent, which rise up to a different level.


01. The Island
02. Legacy Of The Seediq
03. Takao
04. Oceanquake
05. Southern Cross
06. Kaoru
07. Broken Jade
08. Root Regeneration
09. Mahakala
10. Quell The Souls In Sing Ling Temple

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