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Chrome Division – Infernal Rock Eternal (2014)


Chrome Division - Infernal Rock Eternal - Artwork

2014 starts with some interesting releases, including this album (one of the very first releases of the year). Chrome Division started as a Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir, Ov Hell) and Lex Icon‘s (The Kovenant, Troll, ex-Dimmu Borgir, Covenant) side project, oriented to heavy metal and rock n roll music, which became to a consistent and compact band.

Infernal Rock Eternal marks the début album for the new two band members Ogee (Mortiis) on bass guitars and “Damage” Karlsen (Gromth) on lead guitars who did an interesting job. Alongside Shady Blue (Susperia) on vocals and Tony White (Minas Tirith, ex-Old Man’s Child) the band got a powerful, consistent and very compact sound where dirty vocals, powerful chorus, bass, drums and guitars fit into a nice rock n roll puzzle.

This album has a high influence of the old (and damn good) heavy metal from 70’s and 80’s, going from Motorhead, Saxon, Raven (UK), Danzig and a little of Motley Crue to contemporary bands like Evergrey, Metallica, and Black Label Society, in a modern and well-balanced sound. Having intense Stoner and Southern Metal elements, this album is a must-have for any heavy metal, stoner rock-metal, southern metal fan, and a nice album for other metal heads.

In general, the entire album has been well performed with a remarkable job between bass and rhythm guitars which gives the album a powerful sound. Lead guitars add that spicy flavor to a consistent band that perfectly mixes with Shady’s vocal tone. Drums are well-balanced during all this record, adding reliability to the band’s sound. Definitely, the band has a clear intention of giving their fans an album to enjoy, even in your home, iPad or in concert.

The album starts with Good Morning Riot, an instrumental song that sounds like a sunrise driving a Harley in the old wild west days, Endless Nights starts using talk box effects, followed by a killer rhythm, powerful riffs, and very consistent sound. (She`s) Hot Tonight is the perfect song to start any party (do i need to say more?). The Absinthe Voyage has a good combination of Motorhead influences, heavy riffs and powerful vocals, this song is pure energy to your mind… Just like an absinthe shot at a good Czech bar. Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow takes you to the middle of nowhere… With a return ticket in the chaos, in the dark while listening The Moonshine Years  which has an interesting bass job getting a deep sound. No Bet For Free starts with old 80’s rock n roll riffs in a nice southern style, upbeat middle parts and nice solos, getting powerful this album. On The Run Again has a country-style guitar introduction which gives a southern sound to this song, followed by heavy riffs, powerful and dirty vocal chorus and an interesting interlude, the guitar solo carry out the song to a remarkable level. Mistress In Madness, Reaper On The Hunt and You`re Dead Now are songs that makes you move your head immediately, to finally end the party with Ol, the fastest song in the album, a Motorhead influenced song that concludes this album in a brilliant way.

While listening this album, I felt a need for a beer (maybe a shot of absinthe) to start the party. The entire album is ready to rock at any party on the whole world… It’s a bomb of pure energy and rhythm!!! Just put it as loudly as you can, have some beers with your friends and invite some nice girls to have fun… Can’t wait to rock this album!!!



1. Good Morning Riot
2. Endless Nights
3. (She’s) Hot Tonight
4. The Absinthe Voyage
5. Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow
6. The Moonshine Years
7. No Bet For Free
8. On The Run Again
9. Mistress In Madness
10. Reaper On The Hunt
11. You’re Dead Now
12. Ol
13. Dirty Dog (Bonus Track)

Genre: Hard Rock

Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Playing Time: 53 Minutes

Line Up:
Shady Blue-Vocals
Shagrath-Guitar & Backing vocals
Damage Karlsen Lead Guitar & backing vocals
Ogee Ferrari-Bass guitar & backing vocals
Tony White-Drums



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